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Mariama Moody, MS Ed, NBCT loves music and a spades game! An educator of 20+ years, she received her BS in math from Hampton University and taught in VA and NC before founding M&M Educational Group. You can find her traveling, enjoying family and friends, or soul line dancing!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! This was a complete and entire word!💥🎯💯 So on point and a confirmation for me on the theme of change and principles of acceptance and surrender. A reminder that ‘life happens for us, not to us’. And that ‘ALL things are lessons the universe or the God of your understanding would have us learn’. Thank you for the reminder to return to our breath…it’s our connection to the Divine and our reminder that Divine Love protects and enfolds us through it ALL. #GratefulandGrowing

  2. Thank you so much for your message on letting changes happen. I am an soon to be 71 year old, an only child of my mother and a father who left when I was a chjld and never looked back, first-time owner of a brand new home that one of my kids and her husband built and paid for me. I have 5 children that I raised by myself after my husband and I separated. He recently died of cancer and my children took great care of him until he passed away. God has brought a new inner feeling to my children and myself, which has made us closer than ever. I am trying to understand that changes are inevitable and learn to accept the good and the bad circumstances that come with living each and every day. I cried as, I read your message this morning.You have gratefully blessed me and I am thankful for your insightfulness.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! You have certainly been through a lot of changes, and I’m humbled that my words were encouraging in any capacity. I hope you and your family continue to grow closer together, and that you enjoy your new home!

  3. This short essay touched my spirit this morning. As women, we navigate so much and are oftentimes looked upon as change agents and caretakers. We don’t often take the time to appreciate the cumulative effect that change has had on us, personally.

    Blessings to you, sister, as you continue to evolve and grow.

    • Thank you for your comment! SIS – if that ain’t the truth!:) I hope we all take time to really think about how life & change has affected us. We are all going through so much:)

  4. What a beautiful and poignant article. I just turned 62, and I tell my kids that I am in the 4th quarter of my life. I had a 35 year career of being a Nurse, and 2 years ago I walked away. I was not ready for the financial challenges, but discovering parts of myself was well worth it. Change is constant, but being open to the Universe opens doors I never imagined ❤️

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Congrats on your retirement and new chapter of life! I agree…we never really know how much there is to know about ourselves, until we give ourselves permission to explore.

  5. I appreciate your observations! I’m about to turn 74! I go down memory lane often asking what I could have done differently. I dream of my college bestie laden and helpless with MS, cured ! I see her holding court and celebrating her renewed life! I have many questions about my future, trying to enjoy the present and attempting patience about what’s to come!

    Best to you in ‘24.

    • Thank you for your comment! And I appreciate you sharing how you are reflecting about life at 74 (shout out to all the college besties:)). I wish we all could have more multi-generational conversations – there is a lot of wisdom & knowledge to glean from each other.

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