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Born and raised in Tupelo, MS, Christi possesses a passion for music and writing. Although a professional background vocalist, she has decided to use writing as another major expression of her heart. She currently lives in Columbus, OH. You can follow her journey through her blog, “Christi Lee.”

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  1. This is awesome! I like this analogy. Simple yet profound. Excellent example of a manifestation to focus upon.

    • Thank you so very much Peggy Lacey! I appreciate you taking the time to read this…love you❤️

    • My Ree Reeeee!!! Thank you for your kindness and support…you’re the BEST!!! Love you Big❤️

  2. Wow!!! This is life changing ! Such a wonderful expression of reflective thought.

    Thank you for blessing my day with your empowering insight Ms. Richardson! Can’t wait to go to your page and read more of your work ! Be blessed – Dr. G

    • Dr. G!!!! Your scholarly opinion means soooo much!!! I appreciate your AMAZING support!! Thank you for reading🖤

  3. Absolutely amazing, this is an empowering and fuel for my legacy becoming…….read!!!!!

    Thank you Hallmark and Christie Richardson

  4. Amazing!!! Empowering my CHANGE!! So inspiring! I have the power to change the world with my legacy! Whewww… 👏🏽🙌🏽🩷

    • Yes you do Bestie and you’ve already started!!!! Thank you for your support and reading!!! Love you💖

    • Thank you Karin…my fellow Gen X-er!!!! Let’s change the world!!! I appreciate you🫶🏾

  5. I was just speaking to my Aunt last night. She has left a profound impact on all of her nieces and nephews. It was just about her light and the way she encouraged us. We are all her children and her legacy lives within everyone she encounters not just her family. Great Read.

    • Oh and you are the epitome of changing the WORLD!!!! Keep inspiring me and ALL of us….THANK YOU for reading!!! I appreciate you🥰🫶🏾

  6. First thank you for sharing a perspective that is causing me to reflect on myself. I will take this reflection seriously and make time to re-read your commentary to sit and think.
    I will be sharing your message with three best friends and my daughter, Phillipa. Profound and staying.

    • Thank you Theodora!!! I’m so excited that you’re reflecting! I’m pretty sure you’re already making your mark in this world!!! Thank you for reading and sharing:)

  7. This is amazing and so needed in this day and time….this produces character, integrity and survival.

  8. I am truly inspired by words of strong women who look just like me. Raising two daughters who have become beautiful strong successful women in their own spaces, my life continues to be Blessed. I know it is because they have grown up watching strong Black women influencing their own lives. Thank you for sharing this story with me

    • Thank you Ms. Shirley for being an AMAZING Black woman who’s legacy has already started!!! I salute Mothers who’s raised us to be resilient, confident, and beautiful!!! I appreciate you reading:)

  9. Beautifully said! We all need to reflect on ourselves and our focus on how we affect others! I am so proud of you ❤️

    • Your kindness alone is a LEGACY!!! THANK YOU for sharing it with me…I’m forever impacted!!! I appreciate you reading! Love you ❤️

  10. This is beautifully said, and I really appreciate this information. I have just begun to really evolve into being this empowering African American woman that once I had no idea I could be. I do plan on having one legacy after another as I navigate through this stage of woman hood. Im looking forward to the challenges I will overcome on this new journey, challenges will only help me to continue to grow. When I think of all the possibilities that we as African American women have, and we can do these things being our genuine selves, I just get so excited. This makes me more excited for my daughter’s future as an you African American girl, young adult to her woman hood. Thanks

    • I love all of this!!! Continue evolving and changing the world, starting with your daughter!!! This is soooo AWESOME!!!! Thank you for sharing and reading:)

  11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and interpretation of legacy. It reminded me that my sacrifice and love for others wasn’t in vain. When I’ve completed my Earthly journey… I know my legacy shall live thru the lives of others!!!

    • Absolutely Sis!!! You most certainly have a HUGE legacy…I salute YOU!!! I appreciate you…I love YOU❤️

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