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Tonee B. Shelton is a poet and spoken word artist. She has written three volumes of poetry, In Search of Freedom (2021), Identity Crisis (2022) and Remnants (2023) and is finishing up her first book of prose, No One is Coming to Save You, coming soon!

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  1. I too have been recently rejected and before. I’ve always believed that God was preparing me for something better and greater. Thank you for validating my fears, questions, and feelings of rejection. 🤎🙏🏾

  2. Thank you for writing this Tonee. This is a journey we are all on—the bounce between acceptance and rejection. Thank you for the reminder that redirection is from God and to lean in.

  3. Thank you! As I
    begin my job search again at this stage of my life. I will look at rejection as God’s promotion for me to receive the blessing he has for me. And keep moving forward until I receive it.

  4. This message was right on time. I, too, have received that email saying I was awesome, but we decided to go with a different candidate. It was difficult to move on after the recruiter said I did nothing wrong and that it was an extremely difficult decision. My emotions also oscillated between sadness, frustration, and joy. Thank you for so eloquently expressing the way a lot of us feel going through our season of rejection and God’s protection

  5. Thank you sharing your story! I have received too many similar emails. We have to keep going and remember that God can handle all of the emotions that we throw at Him.

  6. Oh so beautiful! Thank you for sharing a part of you journey. Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me and so many others who are blessed by this reading!

  7. Ms. Tonee B. Shelton, you my friend, my sister are CHOSEN. Keep fulfilling God’s plan and purpose over your life.

    I believe God is pleased.

  8. Thank you for this message, I have been going through some super tough and challenging times, and this helped me to keep pushing through. Beautifully written

  9. This article was definitely needed. I’m about to start the hunt for a new job and rejection has always been an issue. After God pulled me from a toxic environment at my last employment ( the way they terminated us was nasty), I knew I had to trust God in this redirection, and protection season that we are on. I’m happy that God showed you your new direction and that rejection to be a testimony sis!!! I needed this encouragement.

  10. This post was so on time for me as I was rejected today by a position I had applied for and received similar comments. I really needed this encouragement.
    Thank you so much!

  11. I appreciate your testimony as it reaches me where I am right now in my professional journey. Thank you for blessing us with your story!

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