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Stephanie Cooper resides in Southeast Georgia. She currently works as a high school English teacher. Stephanie is the CEO of Blessed Is She That Believed LLC. She is also an author and has recently started a podcast “Blessed Is She That Believed” which streams to all major platforms.

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  1. Amen! I thank God you finally saw the light before it was too late. Know your worth. It was a blessing to be raised in the household of a real man so that you did experience a positive example.

  2. This is very prower! And I finally found my worth after 3 marriages. My late prayers partner told me that once I start loving myself from the INSIDE OUT and line up with God’s word. Only then would God send my BOAZ. and God did it.

  3. I love this and your take out the trash moment. For me, in my second marriage, it was a hamburger moment. My ex kept saying that he was tired of hearing about the hamburger moment. But it showed me how selfish and self-centered he was.

  4. YESSSSS! This was a beautiful body of work from a beautiful soul. The simple things mean so much! Waiting for the next thing.

  5. I love this! Thank you.dor sharing
    This is beautiful. Pouring from a gallon while he poured from a pint. Thank you my beautiful sister.

  6. There are a lot of valuable things found in the trash. This trash revealed a jewel that was discarded for a while and this jewel is very valuable.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this! I could feel the aha moment. My husband always says, you know you have a good man when you don’t have to ask. That’s the truth!

  8. Beautiful, I felt that, thank God for giving you your gift and for you desiring to sharing it 🙏 ❤

  9. Thank you for such an inspiring article. Just reading this has opened my perspective on my current situation in dating. Once I read the part of pouring from a gallon immediately I realized that this is myself.

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