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Tasha is a blessed mama to an incredible daughter. The two of them can be found cuddling with their purring fur babies or frolicking on some adventure. Outside of her non-profit work, Tasha enjoys her garden, nurturing her home and plant babies, and searching for the best coffee.

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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful written inspiration to remind us. We are children of God and through any mountain, depression or set back in our lives. God is grooming us like a tulip to flourish and grow. We become stronger in our faith and always work things out for our good.

    • Yes, Deirdre!! I love that “God is grooming us like a tulip”! Thank you for these beautiful words. With God as our Gardner we keep going and growing!

  2. Tasha, thank you so much for this beautiful testament of resilience and strength. It is not easy getting through those dark moments, but your words, as with the tulip, helps me bend more toward the light. I thank God for you 🥰

    • I thank God for you too, Victoria!
      Your name itself is powerful – you are victorious! The dark moments are so difficult but we keep pressing toward the Light of God. Bless you!

  3. Tasha, you can’t hear me but these “tu-lips” say thank you.
    (Corny but true. 😊)

    Seriously, Tasha, thank you for your transparency, your encouragement, and giving the Gardner glory He alone deserves. He must be smiling all over Himself . . . just as I am smiling.

    However, there was a time when I, too, kind of lost my smile, which is one of the reasons your piece touched me on several levels.

    Unlike you, I’m no gardner.
    Yet, much like you, I experienced a brief dark night of the soul.

    Like you and the tulip, I had to “bend” toward the light because some days I didn’t even have strength to crawl towards the light.

    But God.

    His love lifted me from my place of darkness toward His life-giving light.

    It was here where, I was reminded that God had me and I was, as you said, “loved beyond measure.”

    I read somewhere that the tulip symbolizes love. It seems the tulip and God have much in common since God is love.

    Thank you for sharing your powerful story and reminding me, a non-gardner, of the inherent beauty in a garden and the great love of the Gardner.

    Thanks, Sis, for reminding us that when we find ourselves in darkness, it’s not the end when we bend . . . towards the light.

    • Cynthia, this is beautiful! What a blessing that from your own darkness, the love and light of God lifted you up and out. Thank you for sharing.

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