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Kennesha Buycks is the creator of Restoration House, a home and lifestyle brand focusing on creating soulful spaces that speak to the restorative aspects of home. A Southern transplant to the PNW, she is passionate about connection and encouraging others to live life with unique passion and purpose.

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  1. There are still moments I get crippled by fear but I’ve learned to push through it. I tell myself to “keep going” because there’s something better on the other side. Practice has also helped overcome some of my fears.

  2. I love your writing especially how your Aunt pray for you not to be afraid. God did not give us a spirit of fear but give us a spirit of peace, power abd sound mind. I was afraid of getting struck with a needle to draw blood abd bugs I used that scripture to help me overcome my fears.

    Thank you for your beautiful message in your amazing writing.

  3. This will help my granddaughter with fear of the dark
    She has experience living with her mother who probably has Bipolar Disorder. She screams and hollers at them and tells them horrible things. So I plan to buy this. Our children need to read material like this for positive support from their peers.

  4. I was never afraid of a lot of things growing up except death. I never liked going to funerals, especially
    relatives. I couldn’t sleep at night. All I would see was what I saw. It terrified me to shut my eyes. Until, I
    went into the military. At the age of 18 yrs. old, I was in N. Vietnam, where I faced death almost on a daily
    basis. Not afraid anymore. I know what you went through. It’s good to face your fears.

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