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Danielle Nottingham has traveled the globe covering pivotal stories of our time as a CBS correspondent. From the death of Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama's run for President, debates, primaries, NFL coverage, red carpets, and hosting entertainment news and lifestyle on NBC--she's done it all.

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  1. Leave the root touch-up at home, I have embraced my silver hair. My last relaxer was in December 2014 to attend my mama’s funeral, I decided I would not do it again. My last color was in February 2020. I wish you well Sis, the locs that God blessed us with are so beautiful.

    • Patricia, I’m almost there…still playing around with the color. Root touch-up does drive me wild! Our hair is indeed beautiful!

  2. While I don’t have much gray (yet!), I can relate to your hair journey over the decades. Thanks for this authentic story this morning! I am inspired by you to get braids. You are rocking this look! So glad you are finally feeling free to fully do YOU, Sis!

    • Hi Alish! Thank you so much. A week in and I’m still adjusting. Go for it! That’s what I learned.

  3. The gray will eventually win. 🤣
    I quit the perm in 2010 after almost 40 years and proudly chopped off thick, shoulder length hair.
    I LOVE IT !!!!!

  4. You arre a Queen and it truly SAD that a law had to be passed to make “Them” feel comfortable. Of course we know who we are and whose we are QUEENS AND OUR DAD IS A KING…

  5. You and your hair are beautiful regardless of what hairstyle you wear. I have been natural for the majority of my life. I am thankful that the U.S. has come into my world (smile). Blessings Sister!

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. You are a beautiful and lovely person; and your braids rock, an excellent choice of color. Women of color have so many hair options today.

    • Thank you Brenda! We certainly do. I wish I has a full-time stylist following me around so I can change it even more frequently!

  7. I sure wish Black women in Soaps and reality shows would grace their own hair whether natural or straightened, instead of these fake wigs. Everybody can tell they’re wigs. They will look SO MUCH BETTER with THEIR OWN hair. Most of those wigs (even though I’m sure they pay a lot of money for them, look horrible.

    • Eloise I hear ya! It’s so hard and one of the main issues is there are hardly any Black stylists working on tv and movie sets. I’ve encountered a handful and most were makeup artists, the others were hired because there were Black cast member who demanded it. I might have to write about that soon!

  8. I love the braids and the color! As a newly bald woman, I can relate to all the phases you’ve been through with your hair! Menopause and alopecia had my hair falling out so I took control and shaved all off! It is too hot for the wigs and hair pieces so until the fall, it will be hats and wraps!

    • Wanda, that’s amazing! Bald heads are becoming a trend with the younger generations who just shave it off. Love that you took control!

    • Thank you Cherice! It makes you really think about how we may not even notice what we’re doing to fit in.

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