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LaGloria Wheatfall works in social impact and DEI at Paramount Global. She has a background in civil and human rights advocacy communications and deep passion for writing and traveling. Read more of her articles at about.me/wlagloria. Follow her on IG and TikTok @laglamorous1.

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  1. Black WOMAN and Queer !!
    I can out at 17 and then again at 27 .It was a long ,hard journey to erase the self hate ,loneliness ,and depression from dimming my light.
    Also,as a child my father surrounded us with black art ( even a picture depicting Jesus and the disciples across from Mansa Musa).I have always been inherently aware of the magic ,power,culture ,and how we make everthing dope from movies ,theatre,story telling ,and art all around .There was never a question of where I fit …because being Black I always broke the mold .

  2. I’m proud of you and so happy you felt ready and able to take that leap loudly! I’m proud of my identify to exist as the beautiful black woman that I am. Thank you for sharing !

  3. So proud of you!! And I pray your family will be also (they probably are already)!! Keep on being your sincere and honest self. The world needs you!!

  4. “No more saying no to my happiness.” Love that you are living in your joy and able to feel the love you have for yourself!

  5. From one brown queer woman who is not fully living inside of her truth, but is very open about who I am, this is inspiring. I came out when I was 17 and again at 32 and life reminds complicated. These story’s are important.
    Consider this your “coming in” chapter instead of ‘out’. You are coming into your greatest fully! You are inviting people into embrace your sacred sanctuary. Those who love you fully will stand in support with all of who you are! Your light, your energy, and your love is infectious. This is powerful! Continue to take up spaces being authentically YOU. In awe of your strength!! #freedom 🫶🏾🥂🌈😘

    • “Coming in…” yessss, this totally inspired me! And you continue to do whatever makes you comfortable and whatever time it takes! 💜🌈☀️

  6. You are HER! Super elated that you are living your truth and inspiring others to be more happy, healthy & honest. Proud is an understatement. Keep evolving into the best YOU! Love you real bad! ❤️

  7. Proud of you LaGloria! You have accomplished so many things in life and being able to fully live your life unapologetically how YOU want to is amazing! You are touching some young persons life right now who might be fearful to come out and just by reading your story and so many others stories, will inspire and encourage them to follow your lead and also live unapologetically THEM!! 💕😊

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