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Dr. Cheryl Polote Williamson is a highly sought after speaker, multi best-selling author, award winning exec. producer and filmmaker, business leader, visionary, philanthropist, purpose connection coach, editor-in-chief of Cheryl Magazine, and most importantly a servant leader.

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  1. This is excellent. Self-care is vital for me as well. Particularly since the pandemic, I spend more time in prayer and prioritize how and where I spend my time. Thank God for your message and for how you are following your purpose!

  2. I recently retired and thought I would finally be able to put myself first. However, all who know me found my retirement as an opportunity to use my talents and service. It’s hard putting yourself first when you have always put others first. Thank you for sharing your story. This is my wake up call to put myself first.

  3. I really enjoyed this experienced message, encouragement and enlightenment. The Comforter
    which is the Holy Spirit in my life revealed to me that when the Lord fills my cup I need to savor fullness of His joy. And like you said “the Overflow is for others”. Because I can not pour from a empty cup. Empty begets empty and it produces fake.
    Thank you 🙌🏾
    You are a blessing in sharing your overflow.

  4. This just touched me in a way that resembles what I’m have been experiencing all my life and just now I have the words to reflect my new awaking! “Keep my cup full each day… the overflow is for everyone else”
    “When I am complete… others get the best me…”
    Love it! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Dr. Cheryl, this is a great article with many reminders. I have experienced a parallel journey. Grateful to God I now prioritize myself more than ever. I truly love the shared expressions about filling my cup, for me, first and believing I will be blessed with overflow to share with others.

    You are a continuous light in my life. Keep sharing and shining…

  6. Very powerful AHA moment!! As a single mom I can relate on so many levels. I have found myself putting everyone before myself. But I am learning it is ok to put me first, so I can be whole, healthy, healed, free to love on me.

  7. These words jump right off the page and remind me that I have to put my own needs in proper perspective- my life literally depends on it. Thank you my friend!

  8. Self care is extremely important to me. These excerpts are a reminder that we all go through things in life but we don’t have to allow life to hold us hostage. These are wonderful uplifting “notes to self” to take care of myself!

  9. Thank you for such a good read, it resonated with my soul. If I had never been reached with words I have been today, Thank you so so much.

  10. “That’s why I make sure my cup is full every day, and what is in my cup is for me. The overflow is for everyone else.”

    Thank you Dr. Cheryl for sharing your story. I resonate with it too much! But don’t we all? Continuously pouring out for our loved ones and to all that we are responsible for can be a blessing, but it can be detrimental if we do not take care of ourselves. I think we all could take something away from this post, what stood out to me most and what has been the subject line of my life the past couple of years is that if I don’t care for myself, I can’t for anyone or anything else. I love “the overflow is for everyone else” because I’ve never articulated it so concisely. Thank ya ma’am! Wishing a happy week to all you lovely ladies!

  11. Good for you Dr. Williamson. We all need to remember not to give others permission to take us for granted and to dump on us because they can. Not letting others control our space is the best way to stay physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. I applaud you!

  12. This is an awesome testimony! Wow! I love the statement…what’s in my cup is for me, the over flow is for everyone else! No more putting everyone else’s needs/wants before my own. Thank you for this.

  13. I absolutely love the title….and I recognize it’s a work in progress. There is so much about this article that resonates with me. I too was the one pouring into everyone else, my family, my career, my church, my volunteer activities. There was no room for me; it was always about making sure everyone and everything else was good. Giving all of me away had nothing to do with them but everything to do with me. I couldn’t put me first because I realized I didn’t love me. This was a great reminder of why putting you first is not selfish but an absolute necessity to loving you. Great article!

  14. Wow, this was super eye opening for me. I am just learning that I have to prioritize me over everything and the healthier and happier I am; that’s better for everyone around me.

  15. Thank You for the reminder how important I am to me! I had a similar experience as to what happened to you. I appreciate you sharing your story because it made me know. I’m not alone and not the only one who experienced heart palpitations because of stress.

  16. Self care is extremely important and as “Givers” we tend to constantly go and do for everyone until our battery runs down. Having a true circle of people who have your best interest at heart is helpful when you all can be each other’s accountability partner to make sure we take care of ourselves.
    Your willingness to share your story is a testimony to many.
    Thank you for sharing. Take care of yourself your assignment is massive and the world is waiting for what you have to deliver Cheryl. 🙂

  17. Sis, you are still pouring into others by virtue of how you are pouring into yourself. Thank you for reminding us to prioritize and practice self care and self love. This article is another Cheryl P-W gem!!!

  18. Cheryl, as always you teach by demonstration. This very bold reminder came just in time for me. When life starts to happen we can easily place ourself at the bottom of the list. Thank you! thank you! I am priority #1

  19. A heartfelt message from someone who walks the talk! Thank you for reminding me how to show up as my best self. Self care is essential for my longevity and legacy. Prioritizing myself saved my life. Tremendous message. Thank you Cheryl.

  20. With todays generation it’s the in “self care Sunday “ but for those 50plus it usually comes when an event or situation forces us to focus . My moment was when my first love (daddy) passed away during Covid . My best friend (mommy) passed 4 years prior now here I am forced to concentrate on self so it doesn’t tear me apart . Life is worth living and you have to find your joy and the only was is deeply taking care of yourself ! Spirit , financial and health and finding moments to just smile and have gratitude . Women your happiness is in you , love is in you that is no one’s responsibility but your own . Learn to find time to love on you and don’t have regrets in you being the priority 😇🥰

  21. You are a giver! Pouring into others often leaves you empty, But God!

    1 Peter 5:10
    And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

  22. #ILoveMeSomeMe!

    Dr. Cheryl, congrats and thanks fir always keeping it raw, real & relevant.

    S.M.I.L.E. = Simply Make Intentional Love Encounters starting with yourself first under the wise counsel of the Power Team of 3, Father. Son, and Holy Spirit©️

    To Be All Glory for taking care of self ✅ 👑🩸👑🩸👑

  23. Self care is NOT selfish…

    Cheryl, Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so glad you had the fortitude to get help so quickly!

    Self care used to be nail/hair salon visits until my own health scare: Diabetes. It became very clear that my priorities and my idea of self care needed to change. Health is definitely wealth!

  24. Wow! If I ever needed permission to be a little bit selfish, you just gave it to me! Self-love IS the best love. I need to love myself a little bit more (without feeling guilty). Thanks for sharing your experience and your perspective. I’m making an adjustment as we speak.

  25. This is such an amazing excerpt.
    As I keep myself grounded and maintain balance in this season of my life. This is such am awesome self care reminders as to who I am and how worthy I am to have me.
    Thank you Cheryl for sharing these inspiring and powerful reminders for
    for my everyday life. As I am worthy of life and deserve to treat myself with respect.

  26. Wow! Where do I begin? I needed to read this as I am reading it right now on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 7:48pm. This is a on time wake up warning alert for me! Thank you Lord for allowing me to read this and take heed! I have only one of me! 🙏🏽🌷💕

  27. Cheryl,
    How ironic our names are the same and I was diagnosed with the same heart problem. Two weeks ago I had heart surgery and I made the same you choice you made — I’m putting me first!! I’m living and living out loud daily. I am so grateful that you shared your journey as I have just started my new life at 53 years young and I will learn from all the golden nuggets you have shared. We need more voices like yours to be transparent and to cause women of color to remember we must take care of ourselves so we can live long enough and be strong enough to take care of the ones we love!! I’m sharing this post with everyone I care about!

  28. One of the most valuable lessons to learn in life is placing yourself first! Thank you for sharing your personal story in order to shed light to those of us living in darkness. Love on yourself everyday and encourage others to do the same.

  29. WOW and I do mean, WOW. I can’t type this comment quick enough so I can share this with my daughter I’m in the better days zone now but I related to a lot of what was said still struggle with a few things mentioned but my heart is heavy because this is EXACTLY what my daughter is now facing. I’m so thankful for this article. I believe this article will confirm the conversations we have been having and possibly explain why she has been feeling so anxious lately. I know GOD had you to write article for me and my baby girl. Thank you so much. I pray I get a chance to give you a praise report on our outcome.

  30. “Self-care is NOT selfish!” Whew, that can preach all by itself. Thank you for such a timely reminder to all of us give fully.

  31. This is an important message that really resonates with me. Sometimes we fill our cup so full but never drink
    from it because we’re too busy letting others. After a stroke and a heart attack I learned I GOT TO PUT ME FIRST

  32. I experienced a moment similar to this in 2017 and it changed everything I believed about myself.
    A near death experience taught me to put me first and foremost.
    There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself first so that you can freely love on everyone else.

  33. Ever inspiring and always a beam of clarity – thank you Cheryl for the poignant reminder of loving thy self first. I think we know that we should we just have to stop and do it. Thank you Hallmark for a fresh new point of view from Cheryl❤️

  34. This was such an awesome reminder. I learned six years ago that I had to first love me if I wanted others to love me. Every day I work to love me even greater! Thank you for being an inspirational for women around the world!

  35. I not only UNDERSTAND this, but I OVERSTAND!!! When my father passed, I felt like I literally stepped into his shoes to handle business and take care of my mom. I quickly realized I can’t be everything for everything for everybody. I’ve now found balance in my life. And sometimes that means using the word ” NO” as a complete sentence.

  36. I am so happy to see your wonderful inspiration reach yet another platform to touch more people and to be an even greater inspiration. I love your messages

  37. MY GOD, if this doesn’t have my name written all over it. I am truly beginning to do what makes me happy/fill my cup/ put me 1st and know that if I am good eveything else will follow.

    Great article!

  38. As the only adult child I finally set boundaries with my 96 year old Dad. I had to tell him one of us would end up in the hospital. I could not and would not do it anymore!’ Change is VERY hard but it was time for him to move to a safe, clean and affordable assisted living community. After. A LOT of arguments and tears he finally gets it🙏

  39. Your message was on point! Our health and well being is up to us. I wish I knew how to love on myself earlier in my life; however, i glad that i wasn’t too late to teach my daughter and other young women the power of self-care. Thank you Dr. Cheryl Polite-Willamson, great artical! #Soul Sister!

  40. This is so amazing. As a therapist, this product speaks to the heart and souls of people. I appreciate Hallmark Mahogany for being transparent and offering the words others may find difficult to voice. The curators, writers, and illustrators nailed it.

  41. Sis I felt this wholeheartedly and can completely relate, self love and care is essential to sustain a healthy thriving lifestyle, my family depends on me for a lot, I depend on God … I had a scare in 2009 that changed my life forever, prioritizing self is definitely not selfish… amazing testimony! To God be the Glory!

  42. It is so critical that we love ourselves as much as we love others. Your words and point of view is such a timely and much needed reminder.

  43. Not really. My hubby is a TBI survivor/Stroke survivor and I’m the primary caregiver of our household.
    It’s challenging and I’m working also.

  44. This article you have shared is Awesome ! This was confirmation for me. I have anyways put myself on the back burner worried about everyone else, It is time for me to stand firm and replenish my spirit : & listen to my body – I have to tell myself it’s ok to say “N0” you cannot serve from an empty vessel . Love you Cheryl

  45. Excellent read!
    This is most women testimony and it’s true we can’t serve from an empty vessel!
    I am glad this media exists and look forward to read more inspiring testimonies.
    Thank you Cheryl for sharing and caring for others as well as yourself!

  46. Definitely and loving yourself more and more everyday is the best thing you can do for yourself and people around you. It empowers you!

  47. Cheryl, I follow you on Facebook and enjoy your posts. You hit the nail on the head with this article. Self-love is the best love. I’m so glad you’re better. Beverly Robinson

  48. You better believe I am the priority. We women are natural nurturers. I tell me family if mom’s not okay then no one is okay. I’ve learned that as much as I hate to admit it things can fall apart if you don’t take care to prioritize yourself. I love the phrase “I teach people how to treat me by how I treat myself…” So true. Thank you for sharing Queen!!!

  49. Cheryl, thank you for sharing your testimony and how you are thriving by prioritizing self care so that you’re serving from your overflow.

    Thank you for inspiring; for, I too take time to REST by doing absolutely NOTHING and embracing that the word NO is truly a complete sentence with no further explanation!

  50. Thank you so much for sharing that. I could not agree with you more. It requires intentional commitment to care for ourselves well. Keep on keeping it real Cheryl!

  51. I deeply believe that taking care of one’s self is essential. As women we must take the time for self care. When we don’t, over time we suffer physically and mentally. Others might think we are being selfish, but please don’t listen. Give a warm smile and chill for a while.

  52. Learning to show up for yourself as much as you do for others can be a challenge. I appreciate this so much, and thank you for sharing!!

  53. This is such a great read! Thank you for the reminder of the importance of prioritizing. We must have a full cup and pour from the overflow! Yes!

  54. Reading this testimony hits home for me. I also find myself not putting my needs first. As a mother of 4 and having a husband with the same condition as yourself, which has had us in the hospital over 25 times in less than 2 years. It is very easy to get distracted by what I need. Of course I have had my rough days with my own health and I have always found a way to press forward regardless of how I feel! However after reading about your wake up call/come to Jesus moment! I will definitely take in account of taking care of self first! I pray that God covers all women who read this testimony and strengthens them to think of themselves when taking care of everyone else!

  55. Glad you are well and grateful you are making yourself a priority. This was a real example of what we tend to do to ourselves. Thank you for the coat-tail pull and gentle reminder to take care of ourselves first.

  56. I absolutely love Cheryl’s work! She is such an inspiration and we need more of that these days!
    I hope to see more from her here on Mahogany!
    More More More!

  57. Wonderful article. It’s important to put yourself first. Then, others. It’s not selfish. It’s very necessary! Thanks for sharing.

  58. This article speaks volumes regarding the importance of selfcare. Loving once self is essential to our ability to teach and to love others. We are the foundation we build ourselves upon first, the canvas we color upon first with the best of time, rest, self-validation, affirmation, and self-love. learning to hold me and hold myself up is essential in how I show up. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me of the importance of me and the attention I give to and make for my own selfcare. May we continue to hear more from and dive in deeper on this life changing/lifesaving topic. Thank you, Dr. Cheryl Williamson.

  59. This article is VERY inspirational. A read worth my time. I have literally done the same thing because I thought I was being selfish and this story served as permission to put me first. Thank you for leading by example. I’m ready for the next article.

  60. I love this article! It is a reminder that we must take care of ourselves, and that there is nothing wrong with being selfish, to make sure we are taking care of self! Self care is essential and on the top of my list! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  61. Cheryl is a true inspiration. I have been falling her for a little over a year or more and she has done nothing but pored nothing but positivity and has inspired me so much. I think she can carry her message on a higher level.

  62. I can relate to this in so many ways…thank you for sharing as I am inspired by your daily examples. Thank you for always pouring into so many. You are a gem!

  63. Dr. Cheryl thank you for sharing this with us. We have to take better care of ourselves and not ignore the signs when we feel them. Tragedy struck my life in 2009 and I made it my business to stay busy. That grind was not helping me get through the healing process in the death of my little girl. The year before I turned 50, I realized that I needed to slow down and I was letting life and time with my family pass me by. I slowed down tremendously but not enough, a visit with my doctor proved that. I’m taking more time for me, living healthier, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If I’m not at my best for me I’m definitely not at my best for my husband and children.

  64. what a powerful message and important lesson! I will keep my cup full! Thank you for this, Cheryl.

  65. Thank you for sharing and shedding the layers of your life. This article, your storey and your journey is a blessing, lesson and message for someone facing the unknown. Keep inspiring greatness, love and selfcare!

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