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Kimberly Morrison is the author of reflective, funny, and thought-provoking articles and stories exploring life as an African American woman raised in the South. A native of Jacksonville, Florida, she’s a mother, wife, marketer and stylist, who has received numerous awards, including the APTA Innovation Award for Best Comprehensive Marketing...

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you. As a black woman, every word you wrote resonated with me. The lesson is clear. Now to take on the assignment…and redirect this ship!

  2. I know this applies to so many women these days. I agree with the actions taken to support the interns. I also agree that these exchanges should not impact our joy but as emotional beings it does. The sooner we as women learn this lesson pertaining to joy, the better off we will be.

  3. Excellent description of “Work Reality 101.“ Too often I quietly quote Henley’s dictum. Be encouraged, Queen.

  4. Thank you for this perspective. I felt so many things that you mentioned. I once had a boss tell me that I also “lacked a sense of urgency” because I did not run around with my hair on fire like everyone else when problems arose. This was after I asked her for a specific example, my reply was: “I am thinking of solutions, I work best under pressure. If we are all frantic, how will the problem get resolved?” She rescinded her comment.

    I think what I identify the most with from this story is it has been my experience that when I have had a female boss who likes like me, things go one of two ways- either she is 100% a coach & a Leader supporting me, pushing me out in front OR she is like your boss and quite the opposite. It is hard to stay in environments like the latter especially when you are leading a team. I feel like we can all win & work together. I hate that some women feel like 1 has to be the “alpha” and put others down. I cannot wait to hear how this turns out. I know how I respond in these situations. Curious to see how others respond. Thank you again!

  5. Ms. Morrison,
    There are so many of us that feel that way now, or have experienced it, or will experience it. It behooves me when you advocate for yourself and others take it as an attack on them.
    Self love and self respect will not allow us to just let people embarrass us in front of others, it won’t let us be silenced when we’re done wrong, it won’t allow us to let someone disrespect us or disregard our hatd earned contributions.
    Stand up and stay strong, God got you!

  6. Thank you for sharing! I probably would’ve felt the exact same way you did, but, I’m thankful you showed me the correct path to take. Praying that you experience Peace that surpasses all understanding every time you encounter your new boss & that you also have Wisdom, Courage & Favor. Im also praying that your boss has these things too.

  7. Quietly look for another job elsewhere. Being disrespected in front of your team was beyond the pale.
    You will not thrive well in your current position.
    Your leader seem like the “ Angry Black Woman” who is going to negate everything that you try to accomplish.

  8. Girl. THIS WHOLE DARN ARTICLE! So many nuggets for those who execute in excellence within hostile environments.

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