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Shynieka is a TV Personality Host seen on E!, TMZ, and Revolt and is a force to be reckoned with. Shynieka currently resides in LA and inspires everyone to unlock their fullest potential.

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  1. I recently experienced the loss of a significant relationship in my life. It was a long friendship that was terminated in a blink of an eye. It came with many questions regarding truth, integrity, forgiveness and faith, 4 principles that make up my square. Anyway, it has been quite a roller coaster ride to work through the sadness and the acceptance of it all. This morning I really am good, yesterday I was not. And the not being OK has historically been a challenge for me, always determined to not allow the tears and sadness to prevail, but what I have found is if I let the feelings flow when I feel them, they do not linger near as long. Even here at 62 years young, I am still learning and growing and coming more and more into who God called me to be. It is OK not to be OK sometimes and it is important that we ask the “How are YOU doing question?” with purpose and intent to hear that somebody is not doing OK. Peace and Blessings.

    • Kim, that is a very heavy hurt to bear and I’m very sorry you are experiencing that kind of heartbreak. I hope the healing power and love of God and others surround you today.

      • Thank you sis!!!!! Today is a good day and I am grateful that there have been a lot more good days than bad days

  2. Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life journey and reminding us on an aspect of caring for each other. When we ask, “How are You?”, don’t always expect a rote reply.

  3. *tears* I SO get it! To read your words and understand fully the value of hearing “How are you, really?” and then being heard is crazy immense!
    Does Mahogany have a note card asking this? The inside could possibly read: “God wanted me to ask” Or, “Spirit say we sposed to chat, I’ll be calling you in a minute.”

  4. Thank you for this timely reminder on how we need to really check in on ourselves and each other. This is so important! Love this!!

  5. Thank you for the article, and for asking. I am struggling a bit with rejection: health and mobility challenges; and feeling/actually being left out of career promotions the past several years.

  6. I’m the strong one but I’m tired of being strong. I’m a survivor not a victim. Yesterday was my birthday and I received a lot of love and hubby spent time with me and more to come. I appreciate it all but I just felt something was missing. It was my mom even though she has hurt me more than once it’s my mom, our birthdays was always a ceremony with her and my siblings. Since she has been gone it has not been the same. My sister and I are sort of getting back to what we was but it will not be what it was. I’m missing family unity with all of my mom side that we don’t have no more.

  7. I know this feeling oh so well. Most people ask me of I have a moment. Rarely does anyone ask me how I am doing. Thank you for sharing this.

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