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Ashley-Nicole Grosse has a distinguished career in entertainment. She has 20+ years of producing experience both nationally and internationally. She is a natural birth advocate, birthing four children unmedicated and three at her home. She’s the author of Birthing Bare: Why Every Black Woman Needs to Consider It. She’s wildly...

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  1. Thank you for this. I’ve never had children and I’m not pregnant, but when I do, I keep visualizing a home birth (as early as last night the vision came to me again) and reading this confirmed it for me. Thank you for your transparency and bravery. So glad you have four healthy children!

    • Marcia! It’s Ashley-Nicole so happy you’re considering homebirth. I’m sure you’ll be a rockstar!

  2. Amazing story. I could’ve used your confidence and experience 31 years ago when I started having my own children. Please keep reaching out to the new moms it’s important for us to experience what our ancestors experienced just like that. Beautiful.

    • Tawana, you’re an O-G at motherhood. I’m so proud for you. Keep encouraging Bipoc women to birth naturally.

    • Tawana, you’re an O-G at motherhood! Happy 31 years of loving something that came from your body! Keep encouraging Bipoc women to birth naturally.

  3. Wow! If only I had known. With my second child, who was stillborn with the cord wrapped around his neck I would have opted for home delivery. The doctor took off with no explanation, leaving me in pain crawling on the floor of the hospital. Of course this was 41 years ago. I am so glad things worked out well for you.

    • R. Anthony, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sad that you weren’t taken care of properly. I hope that you can continue to be an advocate for women around receiving proper care.

  4. I wanted to experience what our ancestors and older parents went through in giving birth. I had my daughter in the hospital, but I
    I didn’t have any medicine or epidural. I felt the pain of labor rip through my body for 7 1/2 hours. Having natural birth made me feel closer to my ancestors and experience what they went through with all their births. I only have one daughter, but if I had to do it again I would not change a thing.

    • D. Lacy! Yes, that’s the feeling. Now let’s try to continue to carry that closeness to our ancestors.

  5. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing an intimate and very informational story. I am a senior and on the other side of birthing, but I am thankful younger women have you to educate, nurture, and support them in natural birthing.

  6. Holy wow!! I can’t deliver natural. It’s been said it’s been told and confirmed BUT I HAVE 2 adult daughters and because of your sharing I will encourage and empower them to make educated decisions should the time and LORD allow children in their wombs. Thank you for your story. B3 LED 🦋

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