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Charlotte Simpson, aka the Traveling Black Widow is a retired guidance counselor and special education teacher. After losing her husband of 31 years, she made solo-world-travel a central part of her retirement and has traveled all seven continents and 50 states. ​

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  1. Encountering and being in conversation with other religions and faith traditions has been a cool experience for me. Personally, my beliefs never felt challenged–maybe I focused more on what we had in common than what we didn’t.

  2. This is beautiful. I truly understand this train of thought. There is so much beauty in the faith of others. As for I am follower of Christ and I try to value those things He valued. The Muslims pray as Jesus prayed, often and intentionally. The Buddhist are committed and intentionally. They educate and transform lives. They live simply as Jesus did, not being wasteful with anything. I, too, see the beauty and value in the faith of others. We should be open minded and respectful as well as inquisitive.

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