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Dr. Alisha Reed is a licensed pharmacist and a widow mom who believes that self-care is non-negotiable. She is the creator of the lifestyle brand FLY with Alisha Reed, moderates a widow support group, and hosts The Fly Widow Podcast.

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  1. For me being a mom is about accomplishment. I am a country girl who had made my parents proud after graduating from graduate school. After working in my chosen field, I felt that I wanted to be a mom. I was so excited to become a mother. I spent valuable time with my daughter by exposing her to life and making many childhood memories. My thoughts were with her as she ventured off to college. She is a licensed esthetician and a salaried employee. I am one proud momma!

  2. Thank you for sharing and reminding us of our status as mothers and humans! We try to be it all! My self-care is resting and sleeping, spa treatments, time to take a break away from my family, and taking time with my Heavenly Father! I am not a superhero, superhuman, nor super-mom. I try my best and I get tasks done. However, there are times when I let things go to keep my sanity and strength. I appreciate you and I wish you love and joy in your journey with your son! I am sorry your husband is not with you. Peace and love to you, Dr. Reed.

  3. Self-care for me looks like reading a good book, or article or visiting this wonderful Mahogany community I discovered and writing. More recently I am beginning to realize that it’s okay for me to spend money on me, so I am getting my first professional facial in years! God’s Blessings!

  4. I think I am honestly still trying to find out what self-care looks like for me. The thought of rushing home once I finish a nail appointment or going to happy hour is no fault of my husband, but me as a mom thinking I have to hurry home or the routine will fall apart. However, the reality is when I get home whether it is early or late my family is just happy to see me. I’m still working to figure out not to be selfish by pouring into my cup first and being able to pour into others once I am taken care of.

  5. To me self-care looks like doing the things that bring me joy. It often entails watching my favorite television shows, shopping at my happy place stores and enjoying the fresh air during a brisk walk. I agree that self-care is a must and goes hand in hand with self-love.

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