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Cherice is a writer, thinker, speaker, and entrepreneur. But above all of that, she is a lover. As she travels her self-love journey, it is her goal to help introduce others to their own unique journeys. She considers loving to be both her purpose and her lifestyle.

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  1. Thank you for the explanation of why we should let friends go. I am one who really values friendships and when they do no reciprocate I feel really hurt. After reading your post, I realize that people are only in your life for a while and it is okay to let them go.
    Thank you

  2. Thank You I just went through this with a friend. Now I know it’s ok to move on. We grow and change.

  3. Beautifully written! It’s hard letting people go and even harder to understand how or why sometimes. Thank you for this insightful post. I’m sure it will help people heal and gain understanding and peace in the process.

  4. This article hit home for me, just from reading today I will look at relationship from a different perspective now.
    Thank you

  5. What a profoundly statement!
    “When good people come, I choose to love them while accepting that their position in my life doesn’t have to be permanent for it to be meaningful. When good people go, I choose to let them—completely trusting in the Divine plan and timing of my life. This doesn’t mean that some relationships aren’t worth fighting for, it just means that I must be aligned with my purpose and my season so that I know the difference.”

  6. So beautifully stated. While on the journey to destiny, continue to trust the Divine plan for your life. And without conditions or attachments, when you meet others along the way-continue to let your light shine!!

  7. I love hard and want to fight for all my relationships even when it hurts. So I’m working on letting people flow out of my life with ease. Thank you for the gentle reminder that it’s okay to let people go and trust in the divine plan and timing.

  8. A Monday Morning message. I needed it this morning. Like seasons, friends come and go. Have to cherish the good times and understand everything happens in life for a reason.

  9. Once you embrace this, life is so much easier. I wish I had learned this earlier in life. When people leave, yes it hurts. But understanding that it’s all part of a larger plan, gaining the lesson, and being ok with yourself: Joy!!

  10. Reading and receiving this message couldn’t be more right on time! After coming off of a Girls’ Trip weekend, centered around authenticity and selflessness, this message speaks volumes. This Morning Message has allowed me to reflect more on the importance of building Divine connections with new people. It too, solidifies the genuine connection that sisterhood, friendship, and relationships represent! Therefore, what I’ve learned about life is that.. I have to be ok with letting people go freely on their journeys — which I’ve never really had a problem with. I overstand now, in my wiser years, that I had/have to be open to people leaving on their own accord, because 1) allowing old things to release for new opportunities, friendships, relationships, and experiences to flow in is my birthright to a purposeful life and 2) people will always do what is best for them and I support that because I will always do what is best for Me✨

    • All of this, Ocean!! I completely agree – the same freedom I want and the same boundaries I exercise must also be reciprocated to and desired for every other soul. You better preach!!

  11. Reading this felt like the times you go to church and feel like the pastor is speaking directly to you.
    So on time AND on point.
    In this season of my life, I feel alot more “losses” than wins/gains…but I see now that just means the universe is making room for something else….and I can’t be mad at that.

    Thank you for sharing such an on time word.

    • Missy, thank you so much for reading! And yes, I can relate to that feeling…looking over my shoulder like…”are they talking to me or are they talking to me?!”

  12. This article is so relatable! It reminds us that friendships change as we grow older, and that’s normal. Finding friends as adults takes effort, but it’s worth it for the loving communities we build. Letting go of friendships doesn’t have to be bitter; we can cherish the memories and embrace new beginnings with trust. Well said!

  13. Cherice, the sharing of your heart can be scary. I too had several friends I considered my besties although we called them our Ace-Koon-Boons. Unfortunately, friends come and friends go, just like the tides of the ocean. When it first happened, my first thought was, “What did I do wrong?” I pondered and mulled over every aspect of our relationship. Did I say something to someone else and my conversation was repeated to her? Was there jealousy between us? Even when I asked for clarification, I still remained confused.
    Then I recalled times when I needed breaks from folks and was not forthcoming with a reason. After a time I just came to the conclusion that people get to decide on the who, what, when, where and how of their lives and it ain’t got nothing to do with you.
    Be true to yourself and keep it moving!

  14. Wow! As I sit here with my very own ” Soul Sister” bracelet on, I’m thinking how timely is this article! I just had my own thoughts on relationships/friendships. I truly believe that they may have an expiration date and that’s ok. This includes family members as well. I’m accepting that it’s ok to let go. We serve a purpose in our relationships, but forever is never guaranteed.

    Differences in beliefs, growth, reciprocity, timing… these can all play a part on dissolving relationships, and it’s perfectly fine. I’m learning to love them from a far.

    You’re always on time Cherice. Thank you!

    • You couldn’t have wrote this any better! Your words hit deep! I too know exactly that feeling of having friends come and go in life! I grew up in VA and I was forced to pick up and move my entire life I had established from a little girl to a young adult. Leaving behind friends and a new career was the hardest thing to do. The fear of starting all over again in a new state. It’s been over 20 years now and even though I’ve met and made very little friends and a new career, I still sit back and think of the friends I had and those that came back. I believe everything happens for reason in life and there are always lessons to learn. Thank you Cherice for reminding us that there is no love lost!

      • Tennille, I can imagine that being so hard…and scary! And yes to reasons and seasons. I trust that this season of your life will bring you continued blessings on blessings on blessings!

    • OMG, you have a #soulsister bracelet too! So maybe that makes us #soulsisters!!! Thank you for reading this article. Loving from a distance is definitely a thing…a fine thing!

  15. Many don’t realize adult friendships are the hardest to keep. When you do realize it’s time to let go it causes sooo many emotions. When I lost my longest friendship I felt anger and hurt the most. I mourned our friendship for about a year or so before I let it go. I can honestly say it hurt more than any romantic relationship because of the bond we once shared, the situations we endured together. Letting go opened doors for more love and friends. Do yourself a favor and ask yourself do you have real friendships or are they distractions from your real situations. I did it hurt like hell. You can do it too! Chose you first so you don’t hurt later.

    • I’m glad you introduce the fact that we sometimes have to grieve someone who is still alive…and it does hurt. I’m happy you were able to navigate your process. I’m happy you’re on the other side!

  16. I have learned that, just like the moon, we go through phases, and during those phases…….there’s going to be a lot of adding and subtracting. It hurts, but it’s liberating when you finally except “the shift”. There’s no love lost….it’s just a different season….different chapter…..different level.

  17. I could not agree more!!! There are some relationships that have come and gone for me, whether on good or bad terms. No matter the reason I have always felt fortunate to have enjoyed what that relationship added to my life. The growth, the love, the memories, the lessons, the joy and sometimes even the sorrow.

  18. Thank you for this article as well as ALL the articles you bring to the table. Much success to you.

  19. Normalizing the ending of relationships without bitterness while appreciating the profound impact they had is a powerful approach to growth and healing. Embracing each ending as a new beginning reflects our resilience and wisdom. I do my best to remember our humanity while in relationships. We are all doing the best we can while enduring something. Because of that, we will unintentionally hurt others while also getting hurt.
    Learning to let people flow in and out of life with ease demonstrates a profound level of acceptance and trust. I will continue to trust in His plan for my life and for my loved ones. This article serves as a reminder that friendships may change, but the love and memories they leave behind endure, enriching our lives along the way. It encourages us all to treasure the connections we make, allowing them to shape us and trusting that each chapter, even if it concludes, contributes to our journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

  20. Love this! Thanking you for sharing. I truly believe the adage people are in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Thankful for those who have been a part of my journey. Knowing the time that the person has fulfilled in your life is essential.

  21. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me that everything in life is a lesson. Sometimes people are only meant to be in our lives for a season because they have fulfilled the Divine’s purpose for us. Peace and Blessings

  22. This was such a great read this morning. It reminded me of a time when I would say “no new friends”, and meant it with my heart! But life has shown me that the best of friendships can diminish and even disintegrate, and even still, our souls require relationships on our journey in life. So with that, I had to learn how to release the bitterness from the ended friendships, and fearlessly open my heart to the possibility of new relationships. And through this, I realized that I more I released the hurt but left space for the love and memories of old, the wider the space grew for the courage and potentiality of the new. And this has been a beautiful thing. Thank you for your message 🤍

    • What you said at the end really resonates with me. I need to work on having that courage, but it can be hard when you’ve been so hurt before.

  23. Letting go is often hard even when the thing or situation isn’t working. It feels like I failed or didn’t do enough. I’m constantly learning and remembering that sometimes letting go is the best for me and the other person. Holding on means I’m not open to receiving what is to come for me.
    Thank you for this gentle reminder!

    • LaToya, I’m glad you bring up the feeling of failure that sometimes comes with endings because that’s a real thing. Opening ourselves up for a shift in perspective may allow for a newfound grace! Thank you so much for reading! It means so much to me.

  24. I too know this hurt and disappointment of good people leaving my life. When they’ve left I’m not convinced I would have said they were still good. I love the emphasis you choose to place on good people come in and good people leave our lives. Being hurt, feeling sad, not having answers or not having understanding doesn’t make them bad people. I’m thankful for that reminder this week.

  25. Great read and perspective Reece.
    Be will come and Go.
    We should cherish and love all the great times we had with them.
    Life on this earth can be short… so let’s live here while we can!

  26. I love the idea of allowing people to flow in and out of our lives with ease! That’s powerful. As hard as it is to let people go, sometimes it is absolutely necessary. Not everyone is meant to stay forever or for a long time but cherishing those moments while they last is important.

    Thank you for writing this! I needed to be reminded of how life evolves and those in it do as well.

  27. This is an excellent article that truly depicts friendships and specifically, in adults. With friendships that have developed after adulthood, there are typically seasons. Depending upon the relationship, it may be difficult to process when that season has ended. The most important thing is to learn and grow from each experience.

  28. As a true believer in friendship I really loved this!!! Real friends are loyal, loving and trustworthy. I agree wholeheartedly with the growth and real understanding of friendship that Cherice writes. It’s about maturity in such a beautiful and humbling way.

  29. Thank you so much for this. I had two great friends abruptly leave my life and to this day, I don’t know why.
    After reading this, a weight has been lifted and I will no longer grieve the ending of these relationships and just be thankful for the good memories.

  30. Thank you for sharing this, it gave me some clarity on where I am in some of my relationships, instead of focusing on the loss of relationship I will focus on the good that was ❤️

  31. Thank you for this timely piece on friendship. I’ve had “besties”, work-friends, Facebook friends and sometimey friends. They all impact our lives; we learn from them; some more than others. And far too often, we over-analyze the “why” when friendships fizzle out, rather than simply allowing that person to evolve and move on. I agree with you that it’s best to look at the time we had together as part of our life’s journey.

  32. “The love we shared remains unhinged”

    A wonderful reminder that it’s ok to let go and still hold on to the love.

  33. This is so good and an intentionally healthy way to view what I think are relationships during certain seasons in our lives.

  34. “Now I understand there is no scarcity within the Divine.” What an eye opener as God is one of abundance and is very much a time and a place God as he so brilliantly points out in Ecclesiastes 3. I am so glad you mentioned there is no scarcity only timing in which good people come and good people go…and we should, based on our purpose and theirs, divinely align and accept it. As one who was the object of envy in a friend group and lost them as friends upon addressing it, this message has taught me a valuable lesson. There time had run out and my purpose was evolving away from them and there is nothing wrong with that.

  35. Powerful words were said. I would often find myself really fighting to hold on to friendships in a way that caused resentfulness, bitterness, and honestly just sadness. Once I released the attachment to this desired outcome of what friendships should look like to me it got a lot better and easier to love on people. I often talk about seasons and just like life has seasons so do friendships. It’s hard for me when relationships end; especially when no one has done anything “wrong.” It’s so much easier to grieve when someone has wronged you in some way because at least there’s somewhere to place blame, but when things just don’t align it really sucks. As I continue to work through this, I simply try to remind myself of the good times and hope and pray that they do too. I hope that I was a friend that showed them what love looked like during our time together. If so, then I’ve done my job and I am complete. I am also open to rekindling friendships and making new ones. We need community and I know I thrive in community. Knowing I’m not alone keeps me going.

    Thank you for sharing Cherice! This was right on time.

    • “I hope that I was a friend that showed them what love looked like during our time together. If so, then I’ve done my job and I am complete.”

      Yes, to this!! Thank you for reading, Crystal!

  36. Great article and perspective. I find a lot of similarities within this article that I can personally relate to. Enjoyed the perspective that people come & go into our adult circles and knowing that’s what’s suppose to happen within our universe. It’s a spin on instead of being bitter, hurt or angry freeing that for a sense of it was their time to go and new relationships may be around the corner. Very enlightening! Truly enjoyed it!

  37. very insightful. i love your decision to let them in as well as to let them go, recognizing and remembering the good.

  38. Wow this resonated deep. I’m actually dealing with weather or not to let the relationship go or not. Thanks for sharing this enlightening article.

  39. Reading this brings me so much peace in acceptance for what was, what is, and what will be. Embracing the love that is shared and letting go of all the humanly things around it (i.e. betrayal) is liberating. Thanks so much for sharing your enlightening perspective! Love this!!

  40. We are each given a measure of faith to help us walk in the spirit. Being of a spiritual nature I am reminded that each person that I develop a friendship with along my journey holds a key to some life lesson I must learn. However long it takes for me to learn the lesson is as long as the friendship will last. So, when the friendship ends, for whatever reason either I or the other person has learned whatever it was to be learned. With that said I now am able to honor the Light in them and say ” thank you my friend for that life lesson.” Because I know that friendship has been purposeful and it’s meaning has left an imprint on my life that I take with me as I continue this journey.

  41. Beautifully written! I’ve learned to cherish all of the friendships that I had the opportunity to be a part of, no matter the length of time that relationship existed. I love and appreciate the relationships that still remain, and wish the best for those that are no longer in my inner circle.

  42. Wow this has given me a new perspective to consider. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been of the quality over quantity mindset, especially when it came to friendships. But I’m willing to admit that part of it just might have been because I didn’t want to put in the effort it takes as an adult to build them. That and the fact that a lot of the endings I have experienced and/or seen have included bitterness instead of an acceptance that sometimes things end and we can choose for them to end well. Although I’ve been able to eventually accept the ending of a couple romantic relationships & recognize that the love doesn’t end because the relationship did, for some reason I never transferred this to friendships. Thank you for challenging my way of thinking Cherice. I think I might have some unpacking to do. ❤️

  43. I loved this article! I am currently going through this so this article has really touched me. When I call someone my friend I love hard and when the same is not reciprocated it hurts. I have always felt like I am the reason why some of my friendships don’t last. This has helped me realize that people grow apart and it not always a bad thing. So I will turn the sad and hurt into loving memories. Thank you!

  44. I needed to read this and I’m glad that I read it during a time where maturity and growth allowed me to accept it and actually live in what I learned “from reading it”. This was excellent and extremely well written. I’m grateful to have such a talented close friend that I can not only love and confide in like a sister, but also someone that contributes to my growth and development as a person. Praying for your journey to continue to be successful and amazing. Love you!

  45. Great read and a great outlook on life itself! The choice to stay positive and embrace people while they are in your life can make the relationship stronger. I believe that some relationships are for a season but moving with intent and love allows you to appreciate it while you have it.

  46. This was absolutely perfect for me to read today. I recently ended a friendship that I valued. It needed to end but I was feeling something prior to reading your article. Love is not scare. Thank you for sharing your perspective and insight.

  47. Thank you Cherice for this. A very true and honest read. It takes courage to be ok with people leaving for whatever reason. And maturity to wish them well.

  48. Thank you for sharing! Sometimes it seems like ending a friendship is harder than ending a romantic relationship. You let the idea that we have been friends for 15 years, override the idea that friendship may be coming to an end. It served a purpose at some point during your life and for that we can be grateful. We often let “no new friends” hold us back from the beautiful new friendships they may be out there. I love the part where you mentioned every ending starts a new beginning.

  49. Love this! It reminds me to evaluate who I spend my time with and if they bring value to my life. May be time to let go of those who do not bring joy and to be more intentional to spend time with those that do! Thanks for sharing!

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