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Rev. Micki Benson is an ordained minister in the A.M.E.C., a teacher, counselor and writer. She is a woman of God who is called to encourage, empower and equip others through the spoken and written word.

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  1. It’s December 28, 2022. I was awakened once again to anxiety and uncertainty towards my future and my finances. My life has not changed much although I speak the word, pray, and praise. I was praying worried about what may or may not change for the new year, than I opened up my email, I believe this story is God’s way of saying, “hold on I got you.” “Your prayers have been heard, all is in perfect order.”
    Everything happens in His timing, and He never forgets us. Thank You for sharing your story. God bless you.

  2. Thank you for sharing your testimony. Yes, God can in his own time! We have to wait and listen for the instructions. Praise God!

  3. Thank you for sharing, I am in the waiting phase, at 60 it probably will not be biological so I am open to adoption.

  4. WHEW! What an amazing introduction of the great things to come, because we learn to wait on God! I am so happy for you and overjoyed that you learned the value of waiting on God! The prophet Isaiah reminds us, “Not since the formation of the world, have ears heard, nor eyes seen a God such as ours, who would work for those that wait for Him!” When we can’t, God can! When we won’t, God will! When we wait, God works! He does the heavy lifting in our lives, because we waited!

  5. That is an encouraging story! A STRONG message in that story, and your card will reach many. Thank you, YES GOD CAN!!!

  6. I am learning to trust god not people which is one of my greatest struggle. Story is too long to leave however, I am learning to trust god.

  7. What a marvelous reminder, Dear Sister! Yes, our God can…do exceeding and abundantly above our thoughts, ideas, and prayers. And of course our elders always said, “He may not come when we want Him to come…but God is always an on time God.” Love this!

  8. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I needed at this moment. Bless you and your family and I am so happy your children are alive! Thank you, your testimony was right on time! Amen.

  9. To God be the Glory!!! What an awesome testimony of the power of God and an inspiring lesson on trusting God with it all! May God continue to bless you! I am touched and inspired.

  10. This was a beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing about the miracles of God. I have somewhat of a similar story, where twice God gave me a medical miracle right before my eyes. So I know what you’re saying is true!

  11. Yes, God’s in charge. God’s creates things that are impossible. We just need to relax & show FAITH! He is powerful.Loving & kind. Amen God thank you for your Blessing.

  12. Praise God! Thanking God for this praise report. Man can be doubtful, but we must believe God in every part of our lives.

    Your daughter is blessed to have parents that Spirit Filled Believers.

  13. Micki,
    Your testimony is confirmation that I must follow His will for my life. I have let my anxiety overtake my life. God has His plan and I must wait.

  14. Sister! I love the message. I experienced the same issue with my son, breech. Sister! I experienced the same issue with my daughter, I was told to go back home and wait for the miscarriage! To date my daughter is 31 years old. My son is 29 years old. I experienced 3 difficult births by cesarean. But God. Thank you so much for your message! Such Inspiration and a blessing as we journey into the New Year and New Season.

  15. This was so amazing and transparent! I feel as believers it’s these stories, these moments that we go through that we live through to tell to someone else! The power of prayer, belief and just trusting in God! He is truly a man of his word and despite the troubling times we come encounter with we must hold strong and relay on He will get us through!!! Thank you for sharing your story!

  16. This reminded me of me when I carried my first and only child. Hope you don’t mind…

    “Our God Carries Us Through”

    Our God gives us the strength,
    We need each and every day,
    His love is one we cherish,
    And depend on in every way;

    He is our God, in whom we trust,
    To wake us when we sleep,
    His love strengthens us,
    As the tears fall from our cheek;

    Our God has walked with us,
    Throughout our faithful life,
    His love always carries us,
    When our sickness became strife;

    Our God would lovingly hold us,
    Protecting us from hurtful pain,
    In His bosom he would carry us,
    Again, and again;

    If we happen to miss a step,
    His hands would catch our fall,
    He was never far away,
    On him we would always call;

    Many thought we would give up,
    That we would not, could not last,
    But who’s Faith are we trusting in?
    Only God’s love is holding fast;

    Knowing He gave his Son Jesus,
    To die in our behalf, who was “TRUE”,
    Through his Heavenly Father above,
    Whom we know, has carried us through;

    So, we are no ways tired of Him,
    That constantly holds us in His fold,
    Even though he knows we have,
    Grown weary and tired in our soul;

    We are rejoicing in the hope,
    And strength,
    He’s given our family too,
    Rejoice, and do give praise to our God,
    For He has, and will always, carry us through!!

    © 2013, 2020, 2021, 2022

  17. Rev. Micki, all I can say is, “Wow and amen . . . Yep, just wow and amen. God is all that and then some!”🙌🏽

  18. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is so well written and so inspiring. I thank and praise God that he blessed you and your husband with two children. I know that we do not always know when God will come through for us, but he always does it in a grand fashion. As we walk by faith our trust increases.

  19. Yes he can. I prayed for the apartment that I am living in right now. I know he answers prayer. Thank you Jesus.

  20. This Story is an amazing Testament of God’s Faithfulness to deliver on Our Prayers if We remain trusting of and faithful to Him. Amen

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