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Shynieka is a TV Personality Host seen on E!, TMZ, and Revolt and is a force to be reckoned with. Shynieka currently resides in LA and inspires everyone to unlock their fullest potential.

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  1. This was excellent! It hit home for me as a recovering hustle & work hard-aholic. The soft girl life has eased me body & soul. It’s a mental peace that looks amazing on me, my skin and has allowed me to be a fabulous mom to my two young adult children. That you, not for the validation but just the acknowledgement that us soft girls are amazing, well rounded, mentally balanced smell the beautiful flowers kinda girls. Thank you. I will be sharing.

  2. I just posted this topic for my birthday Sunday and how I am going to have a Soft Woman Life and enjoy all the luxuries I can. The hustle and spinning on the hamster wheel without a break was wearing me out. This post was needed this morning as we are deserving as black women and should partake in luxuries when we can.

  3. “Why do we as Black women feel the only way we are deserving of softness and luxury in life is if we struggle for it first?“

    Because we were taught this and it’s so deeply engrained that we must work hard for everything. I continue to divest from this understanding. Unlearning grind culture and embracing ease is a beautiful journey but it takes time. We must be loving with ourselves and enjoy this new way of living. We are worthy.

  4. This brought back so many memories. I think we have similar upbringing. I was taught to work for whatever I received, therefore, no one would be able take anything from you or hold anything over your head. I don’t, to this day, let daylight catch me sleeping without hearing my grandmother’s voice. A soft girl life, I can’t imagine and to be honest, I am ok with it.

  5. I think the “soft-girl” looks like a nudist. It’s such a vulnerable place but when it is appreciated it is respected and seen as the art it is and the framework that everything else dresses.

    The interesting thing about us hustling women is that it’s second nature, we don’t have to work hard at it really, we just work hard at it. Taking a break, saying NO, deciding to binge watch a show on Netflix instead of do that project is OK and should not send us to the “I’m not enough or I’m not working hard enough” corner. His grace is sufficient but we have to take it for ourselves.

  6. Soft girl life for me is aiming high as I can achieving my goals, dreams right along with my generation z children breaking away curses that has followed us and showing them how to truly put god first and foremost love oneself with not wanting the need for validation but the glorification of who God is.

  7. This comment is for Shynieka Taylor
    I love the way you think, I am amazed at your Mindset at a young age and your story will definitely lift a lot of black girls/woman up sometimes u leave me speechless cause your heart is as beautiful as you are……. Continue to raise the bar, until we meet again 💯🎤🙌🏽♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. It was so nice to read this article. I think we as black women work feel like we have to work so hard to measure up. We do what we saw our grandmothers and mothers doing. We don’t wait around for a man to come along and decide they want to “help” we just handle it. I think it’s a broken system of living and our “strong black woman” mentality is PART of the cause of our family structures being so fragmented. Its ok to lean on someone, it’s ok to not have the answers, or be the problem solver. Being a “Soft girl” is ok.

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