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Shai’s always been passionate about learning and helping others. She’s a Master Trainer and certified coach focused on communication and leadership. A Cali native residing in Metro ATL, she’s a global citizen who experiences the world through food, beverage, and people watching.

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  1. Beautiful story. You are telling my story. I have to say thank you great great grandma, thank you great grandma, thank you grandma, and thank you mom.


  3. This is such a Beautiful, Empowering and Trumiphant story. A true testament and legacy of Couragous Black Women!

  4. This brief episodic style evolution of the black women in one family is testament to not only breaking the infamous “generational curse” that plagues so many families it is a tutorial in the importance of adding courage and action to desire for better. It’s these steps forward that women take for themselves that inherently propel our families forward.

    Not all heroes lead thousands to the proverbial Promise Land. But all heroes—SHEroes, move forward and continue the ripple started by the ones that came before them.

    Love this.

  5. I thank God for you sharing your story. Many more of us should share our stories to let the next generations know they can. Your story made me think of my mother. Again thank you so very much.

  6. This excerpt was exceptional, the author’s words left the page and made me feel that I was right there in the middle of this transition of women, making a difference, so that I, my granddaughter, and generations to come can and will succeed.

    • Thank you, Teresa. I’m humbled by your words. They are very kind 🙂 How true it is that it takes we can make a difference generation after generation, no matter where we stand within them.

  7. I love this story! It’s one of change, resilience, and beauty. Thanks for sharing your story and the impact it’s had. It will also impact others.

  8. Shai! This is so beautiful and touching! Thank you so much for sharing your story! Such wonderful, powerful, amazing women have paved the way for others. You, your Mother, and your Grandmother are an inspiration and living legacies! Wow!!!

    • Jayde, Thank you for the kind words and the loving support. We have had profound impacts on each other since we met. You have become part of my story and the fabric of my life 😉

  9. My family went from picking cotton to picking the dreams we will choose!! I love it!! Keep inspiring us!!

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