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    • Yes, it was something super real and relevant about this one. I guess it’s because every time that there is a layoff or a discussion like this it makes the story even more real.

  1. I remember back in the 90s meeting a young lady and I was in the same position. Yes, we bonded and actually became best friends. We are still friends today.

  2. I love your story and commend you for never giving up. Times are hard and you have to do what you gotta do. I admire that. I hope other women look at this and realize when you are down, you have to pick yourself up and keep on pushing.

  3. Yes, I’ve bonded and unfortunately it seems it‘s the unwanted journeys that connected us… Breast Cancer. It seems none of us want the uncomfortable journeys but they lay a solid foundation for genuine connection and honesty, more than the superficial relationships.

  4. Wow, this is super real and relevant to what’s happening right now. There’s so many places in the story that I just remember the times.Wew and there were times…..

  5. I had bonded with some people during hard times when I met a few ladies at a Women’s homeless shelter. We remained friends from that although we left at different times. I then went to an SRO ( Single Adults Occupancy/ Single Room Occupancy) after the shelter to eventually work and have my own apartment. I’ve been on Food stamps/ SNAP and still on them. I too have had my reservation when I didn’t want people to know I was in a shelter or still with SNAP and now a housing subsidy but with the economy the way it is, I’m grateful I have these and can look for Gig work that works for me.
    Thank you for sharing your experience

  6. Yes, Our parents dying within months of each other. Unfortunately, the friendship only lasted a few years. It was like that saying, someone coming into your life for a season. But we will never forget being there for each other through a very difficult time in our lives.

  7. Absolutely! I can relate to this story so well. My joblessness made me feel less than initially. My company was birth out of my joblessness season. I was grinding trying to grow my business. My conversation and language shifted. I spent a lot of time with other entrepreneurs trying to make connections. It was different because even in that environment, I was the odd one out. They were more seasoned at being entrepreneurs than I was. What a time and season. The one that period birth is so grateful.

  8. I bonded with my daughters step mom when my husband and my daughters father decided they were leaving us (three weeks apart). I know how this may sound but it made our relationship stronger. We cried on the phone together, laughed together and gave each other strength that was needed in those hard times. I am grateful that we were able to connect on that level. Till this day, we are still amazing friends.

  9. Mahogany/Al Kerr,

    Thank you for this.
    It so resonated with me.
    It reminds me not to be ashamed of where I’ve come from . . . and to continue to be glad for the progress, peace, joy, and blessings of where I am now. #GratefultoGod. 🌹

  10. This was a delight to read. Very colorful and humorous but dead on in realism! I will be retiring soon so I can relate!

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