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Candice “Ordered Steps” Johnson is an award-winning choreographer, author, editor, and speaker! Candice has choreographed for a 4-time Emmy award-winning television program, is Dance Ministry Magazine’s Living Legend Icon and International Pen honoree, DFW Gospel Author honoree, and Path to Publishing’s 2021 Editor of the Year.

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  1. I just love this share…it speaks volumes of growth and new beliefs that I will incorporate, from someone that hit 60 years young this year!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I applaud you & encourage you to keep rocking out…it’s only getting better!

  2. I so loved this!!! It reminded me of all the times I heard, “…for your age.” And there were some times when I felt some kind of way about that! But as I gained a few more decades and started treating myself better, I learned along the way that, “for your age” was alright. No longer a stumbling block. Just a few stones I’ve learned to walk over…and keep going.

    • Thank you so much! And you’re right – it’s not a stumbling block. Now that I’m here, I had to remind myself of that…

  3. That’s right! Let’s curate a second chapter where we’re aging gracefully/gratefully versus “getting old.” There is a difference that you so eloquently describe. You’re a Queen at 50 with wisdom—freedom—joy. As I coach midlife women, I also D.A.R.E. you to become who you were born to be! Happy Born Day!

    • Oh, I love, love, love this!!! I am going to age GRATEFULLY. This has resonated with me so much! Bless you & thank you dearly! I feel so recharged!

  4. I ran my first Chicago marathon at 55. I wanted to prove to myself I wasn’t old… yet. The race was easy. But the TRAINING ‘bout killed me🤪 It was a unique fantastic experience.I did it 3 more times: Running and raising money for clean water in African countries for Team World Vision. Then I was DONE😂 Who WAS that woman? Wish I could get her back!

    • I smiled so hard reading your response!!! I absolutely love it! I won’t be running a marathon, LOL – but I’m going to try a lot of new things. You inspired me!

  5. I absolutely loved this piece! Aging is a blessing that some people don’t receive. When you wake up every day, you will land on top of the dirt instead of the dirt landing on top of you.

  6. What an awesome view of aging gracefully! You have a lot of great wisdom and insight ( for your age 😉) You can tell you’re an amazing person ! Thanks for all you do and your wonderful words.

  7. This is a beautiful story. It brings aging into prospective. People always say that GOD gave me a sign. Well, you got the sign so that you could live the rest of your life that HE has planned for you. I am sure you are grateful for the the mysterious cough that GOD gave you and hoe it mysteriously disappeared. Without this warning, someone else would be writing this story.

  8. Thank you for the words of wisdom. My friends and I have crossed over to the relam of wisdom and working on embracing it. Seeing it as wisdom and growth. Please do not fall into the societal pit. Wisdom is what you make it…amazing.

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