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Danielle Nottingham has traveled the globe covering pivotal stories of our time as a CBS correspondent. From the death of Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama's run for President, debates, primaries, NFL coverage, red carpets, and hosting entertainment news and lifestyle on NBC--she's done it all.

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  1. I am a football-fan-girl too. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. I got my love of football and the Cowboys from my Dad. He passed last year and I keep his love of the game forever in my heart!

  2. Yes me and family follow Americas sweetheart team..the Dallas Cowboys is my dads favorite team. My daughter graduated from The university of ALABAMA and we watch every game. I follow some the players like Jaylen Hurts who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and Bryce Young who plays for Carolina Panthers. I have also been watching Dion Sanders team Univ of Colorado

    • Nicole, here we go again, lol. Another Dallas fan. I can’t escape y’all! Love my Eagles but I love hanging with women who love football even more!

  3. Being former military, my children were born in different states than I was so I try to support their favorite teams as well. I am 💯 percent Steelers but, now living in Colorado, I go toe to toe with a great deal of Beoncos fans. I have learned, over the years, it is ok to root for my children’s or my boyfriends team but my blood runs black and gold. BLACK AND GOLD TIL I’M DEAD AND COLD!!

    • Elizabeth, when I lived in Pittsburgh, I learned how deep black and yellow bleeds. I already posted my Steelers game day photos in earlier post so I didn’t do it again here. I had to call on Jesus a lot when I lived there because I had to wear black and yellow every Sunday but my Eagles understand :). Steelers games are a blast!

  4. I watch all sports, however football is my favorite. I watch Monday night Football, Thursday night Football and all day Sunday starting with the pre game talk ❤️🏈🏈❤️

  5. Football fan! Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Thursday night — I live for fall and mourn from February to late August. My welcome banner in front of house says
    Welcome Fall : football, food and family

  6. I love football! I come from a family where my siblings and mother watch every Sunday, Monday and Thursday night! We’re big LSU fans as well. We do fantasy football every year. Just have love for the game! My team is America’s team, you know who we are! We dem Boys!!! 💙

    • Meee! I become a whole other person during football season! I’m not just fan Im a fanatic and will shout it loud and proud from the rooftop. I’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan all of my life. I do watch all games and I don’t watch the SB just for the halftime show or the stupid commercials. It’s all things Cowboys for me and everyone who knows me know this and take heed! I will NOT wear another team’s gear and if and when I do send help because I’ve been taken and need Liam Newsom’s special skills!! HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!💙💙💙

      • Donna! Love the passion, we’ll have to talk about this Cowboys thing. lol. I get it, if I didn’t have to do it for tv, I would never wear another team!

    • Norma, I’m a little jealous. My mom and sister do not watch! I’m going to kick myself for writing this post cuz I keep bringing out you Dallas folks….(eye roll). LOL.

  7. I am a huge football fan. Funny reading your story. I was just telling one if my co-workers yesterday that being a knowledgeable female football fan is both a blessing and a curse. My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and I live in Cleveland. So, I catch alot of flack. Like you, I am a couch potato on Saturday and Sunday because I also watch college football. Some ask why am I still single since I am so passionate about football. I don’t know the answer to that. I just know that it’s Thursday and I will be watching football tonight. Fly Eagles, Fly

    • Hey Robin! I used to live in Pittsburgh so I cheered for them–temporarily. lol. I’m with you. It’s great to find each other because people don’t understand, when I’m watching football, especially my team–DO NOT BOTHER ME! lol.

  8. I finally found a woman who loves it like me!!!! I use to sneak out of church to make it home for the 1:00 kickoff. Thank goodness church starts at 9 now! I have loved the Eagles since Randall Cunningham! I went to college with Mike Quick but being in NC found a love for Cam Newton!#FaithFamilyFootball

    • Yes, yes and YES! I love Cam Newton too! Randall is my all time favorite…Mike Quick, that’s taking it back. I’m glad we found each other Tammy!

  9. I’m a life long Cowboys fan!💕 Our house is divided. I live in Georgia, grew up in South Carolina. I have 4 brothers so sports is a big part of my life. I played basketball, softball, volleyball and ran track.
    My husband and I never argue about watching sports. I’m always somewhere nearby endothelial game with him. It’s really fun when our teams play each other.
    I am a SC alumni and he is a Georgia Bull dog.
    Now our son lives in Oklahoma so we have more rivalries,
    It’s all fun though.
    Keep watching football.

    • Carolyn,

      I’m going to forgive the Cowboys thing because I love all my ladies who love football! lol. Football rivalries are the best…. college or pro!

  10. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys !!! Who-de-whooo!
    And no, I’m not interested in the halftime show; it’s the commercials, and the game during the Super Bowl

    • Hi Tracy,
      Of course you are. lol. I’m going to have to start an Eagles vs. Cowboys feed. I mean where are my Philly fans! Those will be some good games!

  11. I am a true football fan. You and I spent many Sundays watching games. I am just like you, I go to games to watch the game!! Therefore I prefer to go alone!! I only want to talk about what’s going on with the game, not who just walked by and what they had on!! I have loved football since I was 8. So I definitely feel all of what you said!!

  12. Sis, you are not the only football fanatic. I’ve been a BRONCO fan since 1981 and CU Buffs fan since 1990’s when Eric Bieniemy and Cordell Stewart played there.

    In order for me to watch the Super Bowl I have to care about the team or some of the players, otherwise it’s just another night…

    FYI: Do not walk between me and the TV when I’m watching a game. It won’t be pretty!

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