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For Eniola Abioye, words are everything. Through songwriting, children’s books, creative multi-media collaborations, and poetry, she crafts authentic, word-based content from her heart. In addition to writing, Eniola is a touring worship leader. She is passionate about changing the narrative for young people of color and empowering them to share...

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  1. That was a beautiful reading about you. “Becoming “
    It seems you were alway there. And beautiful. I am starting to look from the inside out instead of the outside in. God is teaching me that with the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of me-allows me to see what He
    sees. Looking from the outside in-can be obscured by
    other things and other condemning spirits.
    Walking in His Light from within is good.

    • This is so beautiful, Queen. We are all on a journey to becoming and for every time we yield to the work happening in us, we are making more room for the best parts of us to come out!

  2. Wow! So glad you found you! Stay strong—I’m sure you’re beautiful. Loved your article. Blessings.

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