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Charlotte Simpson, aka the Traveling Black Widow is a retired guidance counselor and special education teacher. After losing her husband of 31 years, she made solo-world-travel a central part of her retirement and has traveled all seven continents and 50 states. ​

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  1. I love the way this story supports the fact that miracles are happening all around us! And yes, I have had an extraordinary suprise from God. Last year, I gave myself permission to dream about my “next.” While dreaming, I found a business for sale that I loved. I went to look at the business, but it was much more than what I was prepared to pay. I left my visit saying, “Thank you. It’s beautiful. It’s out of my price range.”

    My husband later asked me what I was willing to pay. I gave him a figure and then tried to put the business in the back of my mind assuming it couldn’t happen. A few weeks later, the owner of the business called and gave me an updated asking price. Low and behold, having not talked anymore about numbers at all – his number matched the number I told my husband!! Here we are, and the doors of the business (under new ownership) have been opened 7 months and counting!!

  2. I became the 1st African-American female President over a large union even when I advocated against myself. But God…held position for 14 yrs even after several times working to relinquish the position, but God.

  3. I truly believe that God has more in store for me. I’ve always dreamed big…very big. I let others and myself stifle the outcomes. It’s all in Gods plan!

  4. So I am applying for a mortgage post-bankruptcy and the broker has given me an amount below what I think I should’ve qualified for which is an extraordinary surprise and below what I feel I need to purchase the home I desire…I’m not giving up though. For I know according to Luke 1:37 God’s word cannot fail and I have stood on the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 since I became single eleven years ago. With that said, I know God has plans for me…plans that are bigger than I could think. The house I selected I know despite this difficulty is mine because my God is a way maker, a promise keeper and a miracle worker…so I look forward to posting again and confirming news of my new home being closed on.

  5. That was a great word for me this morning. Stop putting limits on He(God) who is limitless. I have done soo much of that my entire life. Thanks for the message that came right on time!!

  6. I have great conversations routinely with young people I teach and supervise. They are the smartest in society-optometric professional students-with great attitudes. I love giving myself to them and my patients. My work is my ministry because I see the value in helping these individuals develop into health professionals who will change lives in their communities. What a ride it’s been for 31 years and counting!

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