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Danielle Tuwano is the founder of Premier Publishing Group; author of Lights, Camera, #Levelup; creator of Level Up Day in Gwinnett County, Georgia; and a devoted wife and mother. She enjoys writing, traveling, and inspiring people to be their best possible selves.

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  1. That is simply why at
    this time it’s me, myself and the Lord. He’s all the accountability I need.

  2. Yes Sis, yes! I now feel convicted to evaluate my personal rolodex of friends. Leveling up! Thank you for that message. I want to be the goalfriend I seek to have.

  3. Danielle, you have nailed this article. It truly resonates with where I am currently in my life’s journey. I have tried to keep people around that could never be happy for me in my new levels in life. I am so Thankful to Jehovah for giving me the spirit of discernment, obedience, and willpower to the revelation of what HE has shown me about some people that I have released from being in my circle. I embrace my new goalfriends and the space I am in. Thank you for writing and sharing your wisdom. Blessings to You!

    • Shon, thank you so much for taking time to express how this article has resonated with you. Letting go is the first step to leveling up and getting in alignment with what Jehovah sees fit for us. Congratulations on putting yourself first and doing the work required to fulfill your true purpose.

  4. The first time I said this to myself, I felt prideful. I have friends who truly enjoy my company but the feeling is not mutual. I sow into their lives and they tend to glean alot from mine. However, the feeling was not mutual. In fact some of the friendships were draining. I slowly drifted away and stopped communicating. In all honesty it was a burden lifted.

    • To witness your evolution has been nothing short of amazing! I’ve struggled with leveling up at times and differentiating between buddies and goal friends is essentially necessary to over all growth. Thank you for sharing your infectious light,love,and literature with the 🌎

  5. I absolutely love this article and I can relate! Letting go of those people, places and thing they doesn’t serve your higher purpose can be painful but also rewarding. I am truly grateful for the goalfriends that I have been blessed with and I look forward to making more! Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Certainly this have inspired me to challenge myself to open up to new friends, new ideas, I’m inspired. I’m very excited.

  7. I love it! Yes!! Every woman needs a solid click of GOAL FRIENDS! It’s definitely much needed! Great article!

  8. As a person moves in the stages of life we all need to regroup our group if you are seeking higher stars having Goalfriends to Level Up with will Push you to the Goal you are trying to achieve. Goalfriends Level Up With A Sole Sista!

  9. This article is so true and what helps women know they can be successful and it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

  10. This message was needed and right on time! I have a mixture of both but lately I’ve been telling myself how unfocus I am and I know it has something to do with the type of company i entertaining the most. When I’m around my goalfriends I feel so motivated and feel there’s no limit to life. When I’m with my homegirls, I feel comfortable and that’s definitely not what I want.

    Thank you! This was the sign that I needed! ❤️

  11. Yess I truly can relate as I’ve had the experience to have both, homegirls and goalfriends. However, as my mindset changed, I felt the need to change my space as well. As I’ve went through countless experiences and still going through them I can honestly say my goalfriends are the best thing I’ve experienced. We can be brutally honest but yet respectful in delivery. I can still be myself around them as they can do the same! I welcome new goalfriends in our circle of accountability! Cheers to goalfriends! 🥂 Congratulations to my goalfriend for this amazing achievement and for simply being the goalfriend everyone deserves and needs!

  12. This is so inspiring. And really makes you think not only who are your Goalfriends but am I someone’s Goalfriend and if not how can I be!!

    Thank you for making me think and make me want to be a Goalfriend

  13. This is really true. However might not be true for women in the late 60s and early seventies who have lost many of their friends along the road but definitely need friends to keep going to the end of the road. How do we survive this lonely period of our lives? Anyone please?

  14. I believe I am everyone’s goal friend but I don’t think I have any in my corner. Makes me sad when I realize that the friends I think I have are actually jealous of me!

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