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Kathryn H. Ross is the author of memoir Black Was Not A Label (2019, Pronto) and poetry chapbook Count It All Loss (2021, GoldScriptCo). She writes and edits in Southern California and loves cats and naps. Read her prose, essays, and poetry at speakthewritelanguage.com.

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  1. There is so much wisdom in your words. I’m the same way and also in a season of reevaluating what it means to show up for others while also taking care of myself. Thank you for sharing. I felt seen and heard.

  2. Wow sis! It felt like I penned this story. So poignant and a timely reminder how important balance and taking the time to refresh and refill our cup is so super important if we are to give from a place of love.

    Pray the Lord’s continued blessings on you and your family

  3. Giving 100% of yourself to anyone and anything is detrimental to our well being. Society makes us feel like we are failing if we don’t but self care is vital to our well being. That is why they always say to put on your mask first before you help anyone else on a plane. Thanks for encouraging us to find our boundaries.

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