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Faitth Brooks is a social worker, speaker, writer, and podcaster. Formed in the Christian tradition and Black liberation theology, Faitth uses her platform to enliven her following for collective liberation centering on the sisterhood of black women. Faitth is crafting communal space where rest, tenderness, and softness are commonplace for...

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  1. Silence not being able to speak freely about who i am truly in my own eyes and share with others . Being a hidden treasure, transparency being very important for others to follow.

  2. I thank GOD that at 73 I can still move around,take care of myself and others. Go where I like and able to remember. Sometimes I do forget but overall not that much.

  3. OMG…..why are you speaking directly to me….this story is amazing. I am going to try to get rid of the Supermodel Me and focus on the Me that God created in his own image and likeness…..

  4. A beautiful testimony! I learned all beauty comes from within and when you love yourself, it exudes. You become untouchable and invincible.

  5. My name is Christine
    And I’m a poet
    I have alot of shit going on
    But you wouldn’t know it
    Thought about committing Suicide
    And I deal with Mental Illness
    And sometimes It’s hard not to show it.
    Just got fired from my job
    And I’m bout to be homeless again
    Lord I know that you have better for me…..
    Because right now?
    I’m about to End…

  6. Oh. My. Goodness! This is so me and I’m not young in age. At 76, after joint replacements, cancer and treatments, I still judge myself as a failure when it comes to how my body has changed instead of acknowledging its strength and power to overcome every challenge.

  7. My dear, My Dear Brook,
    The TOTALLY YOU seems so awesome. I love you and absolutely love your tenacity, of how you express your mind of ‘wholistically’ speaking the issues of your heart. It pierced my true self…my very soul. I get it, (Thank You 😘) I hear it, and I feel you (Hallelujah ‼️🙌🏽). You have that special quality of continuing to exist. This entry should mean so much more to the readers. It did it, for me. Beyond All Else! There’s still You. 👏🏽❣️👏🏽
    🌹There’s still us dawning the mirror,
    Reflecting plain sight;
    Anxious to resolve,
    What’s not socially right.
    🌹I witness who I think I see,
    in full view,
    My nerves whisper’g to my mind,
    “We’re up for review!”
    🌹 Sincere love, and prayer,
    I know it to be true,
    My God has His own time
    To restore and renew. 🙏🏽

    Sometimes, the mental state doesn’t depict this at all. The hopelessness and the fear of who we think they see, and what we often feel we aren’t or just can’t be… Which doesn’t always allow room for acceptance or forgiveness…
    Thank You Faith Brooks for sharing your mirror with us; a purposeful chance to open our hearts and minds to the windows of souls.
    🌹Imaging so much more of who and what I can be;
    The unique space I control
    To just be TOTALLY ME.🌹

  8. I walk in the knowledge of God’s truth about being me. I am His fearfully and wonderfully made daughter! I changed the narrative in my own head imposed upon me by the beauty industry. I ditched the dye! In fact, my first photo shoot showcased my grey hair. Life is short and I do not have the time nor the inclination to be bound by others’ definition of who I am or what I should look like. I am a liberated “supermodel” in my own eyes!!!

  9. That at my age l have nothing left to give or to receive. Being a seasoned women means, for some, that my life is over and l just need to sit down and be quite. I struggle daily with trying to stay ‘woke’ without looking foolish.

  10. I resonate so well with these words, yet I know that at soon to be 79… I have so much to be grateful and thankful for. I know that I am blessed with each breath and each heartbeat.. thank you for this reminder. Be blessed.

  11. Wow! Supermodel me really hit home. I am currently packing for our annual sister-cousin trip and contending with the very same thoughts. Holding myself up to the lens of my previous younger slimmer self. I am the older and heaviest of the four-team crew.
    On our last tropical vacay, myself criticism was though the roof. Me, in the skirted bathing suit to hide my cellulite thighs or not wearing shorts, while everyone else looked fit and trim in whatever.

    Not this trip, I am vowing to enjoy myself. First, I am embracing all of me, from the jiggle in my wiggle to my loving and giving personality. Secondly, how fortunate am I to be traveling with three women who are genuine in their love for the whole me.
    Finally, experiences are mean to be enjoyed and I am determined to embrace and enjoy.

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