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Jeanine DeHoney’s work can be found online, in Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Colorism Healing Contest Anthology, and anthologies by Black Lawrence Press and Black Freighter Press. She was named an Honor Award winner for Sleeping Bear Press’ Own Voices Own Stories 2022 award.

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  1. My Mom always had red and white peppermints in her handbag, coat pocket, on her dresser and of course in the living room candy dish. She always had them nearby. I never liked them. Even as I grew older I never liked them.
    After she passed away, I brought some of her items home. Well, I’m be known to me, those peppermint candies came along too.
    Every now and then a red and white peppermint candy shows up in my midst. I don’t know how or why (because I never buy them nor pick them up). So I simply looked up to the heavens and say “hi Mommy.”

    • Ah… a sweet reminder from your mother letting you know she is watching over you. God bless.

  2. What a beautiful story! Such a loving reminder that those we love who have left our earthly presence are still with us. I, too, find dimes. It was happening so regularly that I researched the spiritual significance of dimes to understand what was happening. I was pretty stunned when I found out about Tabitha’s dime connection, to say the least!

    • Thank you Kimberly. I hope you continue to find dimes as a lovely reminder of your Mom’s beloved presence.

  3. Ms. DeHoney, your last name is apropos. It was just the honey I needed today.

    Reading how your mother comes to mind when seeing various things during the course of your day let me know I wasn’t alone with that.

    I smiled as I read your entire piece. It caused me to reminisce and think of my lovely mother who passed when I was in my teens. The years with my mother were short, but she left me with so many sweet memories. Reading your piece this morning reminded me of her and of some of my memories with her. This allowed me to start my day in the most beautiful way.

    Thank you for the honey/sweetness that you sprinkled my way!!!

    • Thank you Veronica. So sorry that your Mom passed when you were just a teenager. The loss of a beloved one is difficult at any age but as a teenager I can only imagine how much more difficult it was. Although as you said your years with her were short, she left you beautiful, sweet memories that have and will carry you through life. God bless you and may the world and your Heavenly Mom continually sprinkle your day with sweetness and inspiration.

  4. Thank you beautiful ones for your comments. Many blessings and may you continually be the recipient of sweet reminders Heavenly sent from a beloved one.

  5. Thank you Jeanine DeHoney for such a heartfelt, endearing and wonderfully written story. Most of us who have lost someone dear to us every now and then have moments where you do wish you had one more hug, one more conversation, one more kiss, one more nugget of wisdom from as you’re walking through life’s situations and circumstances.

    Thank you for this beautiful piece that reminds me, Miracles can and do happen every day and we should be open to receive them…every day! Nothing is impossible!

  6. What a beautiful expression of memories of your mom & miracles! My mom passed when I was 15. I can still smell the fragrance she wore & feel those bear hugs I loved
    🤗. Thank you for reminding us of miracles.

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