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Dana is a student of learning, growing, and sharing. When not reading a great book, she loves to empower young adults to affect positive change within and around themselves; she also loves to encourage parents navigating the important terrain of raising a human to love humanity.

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  1. Thank you for this. I have three adult children: 24, 23, and soon-to-be 22. The soon-to-be 22 year old moved back in a week after the oldest moved out. I had a whole week of empty nesting and I enjoyed it but I did get to thinking “what now?”. I went straight from high school to college to marriage to motherhood to divorce after almost 8 years of marriage. Parenting, survival, and not having my children become a statistic became a priority. Now I’m gradually trying to figure me out and being a little selfish in the process. I have to remind myself that it’s OK to think about me before the kids now and not feel guilty about doing so.

  2. Wow!! This was so right on time. I still have one more to go but I just had two leave for school this August and it was huge. I have five. Transition is difficult. There are even adjustments when it is just you and the last one. I never thought about the flight attendant scenario (Smile!!). Thank you for this article. Saving it to be a powerful reminder for myself.

    • You’re welcome Cynthia! I recently learned from my youngest that it was a transition for him as well being the last one standing after his siblings moved out. You’ve got this sis. ♥️

  3. This is so right on time for me. My son, my one and only just graduated from college and did not come home to live. He remained in Atlanta, which I was glad he did, however, I miss him soooo much. Thank God for technology because we text many times throughout the day. I retired a year before he graduated from college and have since returned to the work force in a full time job that I dislike.
    I’ve gotten more involved in my church and Sorority plus continue to work a pt time job that I have had since my son was in middle school. So I’m tired, overwhelmed and missing my son more than I did when he went away to college.
    Thanks for sharing, I need to get it together.

  4. I loved it Dana!!! You let us all know that there will be hills and valleys that come and go in your life, but trust the process because you have to go through it to grow. But will you trust God to lead the way. Beautifully written my sister. Love you 🥰

  5. There’s a level of honesty and vulnerability that makes it easy to connect to your message.
    It also provides comfort to know that those feelings of uncertainty and emptiness are valid. In the process of preparing children (even ones that are not yours) for their future, Parents tend lose themselves. It took courage to share your journey… A topic plenty can relate to and an area others have struggled. I’m so proud of you, Author!!

  6. Mic dropped….Slow clap….fade to dark!

    My GOD, you hit the nail on the head with one mighty blow, my dear friend!! Yasssss hunty!

    You’ve encapsulated everything I believe all of us empty nesters struggle with. This is soooo good! I think you may have found yet another calling, Gypsy!!?? Carry on my good and faithful servant…carry on!!

  7. Dana, thank you for this wonderful article. I had the empty nest season 27 years ago and I remember feeling loss. My grandchildren are now 22, 20, 17, 15 and a little surprise who is 3. My daughter is now getting ready to start walking into the empty nest season with her older children. I will forward this to her for her master class from you.

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