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Ajana Britton is an author and editor. She is passionate about writing and uses her words to elicit cheer and incite motivation. A native Tennessean, she enjoys music, traveling, and exploring. With faith, she is on a journey to do what has been uncomfortable for her.

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  1. My city, our nation and our world are in such need of peace at this time… and always. If your and our choosing to begin the celebration of Christmas (or any particular tradition or celebration) sooner than others and your wonderful choice to encourage others in your special way can add to that peace… then AMEN to that.

    I am thinking of celebrating various Kwanzaa traditions at “random” days during the year, as a way to encourage myself and those around me.

  2. I also listen to people’s thoughts and habits and attempt to make my gifts more personal, even if they are not close friends. It is very rewarding.

  3. That is beautiful. That why I like Christmas because everyone happy and loving and I want Christmas every day for that reason.

  4. I love this for you!! And I’m all about “small” joys. One of my absolute favorite small joys…good drinks!! And on the top of the list is sweet tea. Perhaps, in the spirit of Christmas, I will make some kind of peppermint sweet tea 🙂

  5. I read this twice because it is well written and I love you! I had friends put up a Christmas tree yesterday, with music playing. Automatically, there is a smile! Keep writing, Ajana. You are a blessing.

  6. I love the sentiments of this article. It’s important that we find joy wherever possible. From the article, it appears that you found a “sweet spot” for yourself. Also, I believe that when you give from your heart, blessings are returned to you in many ways. Great thought provoking article!

  7. Christmas is my favorite time of year not because my birthdate is in December but, because it is the month that we celebrate the birth of Jesus! I’m all for celebrating it early or even through out the whole year!

  8. Your spirit, insight fullness, love, kindness, understanding and compassion brings me joy to know that I can call you my friend.

  9. I think it’s wonderful that you start celebrating in August and the fact that you take time to pick out special gifts for your colleagues and have extra gifts to give out is a blessing that affects you as well as the recipients. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!🤗😘

  10. Just WOW! What an exceptional story the way you’ve done self reflection and discovered what brings you peace, joy, and happiness. You exemplify Christ who gives to us all freely! Keep doing you. , celebrating life and giving others a piece of your heart is admirable. I’m inspired by you.

  11. This post brings me so much joy! You are such a gift to the world. You inspire me to be and do better 🥰.

  12. This post brings so much peace in such a busy time. It a great reminder to take time and do what makes you smile and because it genuinely make you happy, others around you will be able to benefit from your joy. Thanks for sharing you joy with the world.

  13. I love the story. I intentionally wait until Thanksgiving night before I ever listen to Christmas music. Then it’s 30 days of 24-7 Christmas music.

  14. Ajana, you are a woman after my own heart. Christmas is my fav time of year, too, and I also begin celebrating waaaaay earlier than most. The spirit of the holiday lifts me, so I forge ahead without apology. The year my mom died I kept our Christmas tree (artificial) up all year long, until the next Christmas arrived. And with each holiday, I decorated it accordingly … Valentine’s hearts, Easter eggs, you get the picture. I explained to my hubby that I needed the cheer and beauty that the Christmas season brings and represents at that time of deep and painful grief. He understood and laughed no more. That was 15 years ago. And while I’ve not kept our tree up all year ever again, I start celebrating super-early … and I love every minute of it. xoxo

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