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Alex Cheriyan is a NYC-based non-profit professional by day with a new-found passion for creative writing by night. She seeks to connect with, honor, and empower women through her personal stories on parenting, family, friendship and finding work-life balance.

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  1. Thank you so much for this reminder. I no longer have small children, however, I am a single mom. I missed out on many talent shoes and field trips because I worked so much. I will take more time to be there for the events ahead. You just gotta do it!

  2. Beautiful story our babies grow so quickly enjoy them. It really touched my soul I was that mom. Busy feeling guilty just make time. I thank God everyday I’m still here for my children and grandchildren

  3. I am so proud of you for taking the sick day to share and make memories with your son. Never ever feel guilty about taking time for yourself or family in fact you and your family always comes first over a job. The American culture has it all wrong when it comes to raising children, self care and family. Children are a precious gift and need nurturing especially in the formative years. The years and time go by quickly and it can never be regained.

  4. Mental health is real. You took a mental health day which counts as a sick day to spend time with your child. Good for you💜

  5. Brought back memories of the guilt I would feel as a young single mother.
    I’m 71(1wk.away) now, my daughter is 50ish, and Minister of the Gospel in N.C., married to God’s Man for her. So when I was able to accompany her and classmates on
    an outing/field trip I enjoyed it as much as my daughter enjoyed having me with her and friends.The recitals/plays etc. I attended only long enough to see/hear her perform due to work schedule she often now will comment the sacrifice she understands now. Made sure she knew I expected to be present, would leave when “her time or class presentation was completed”and I would always make sure before I left that she knew I ‘d been there. My Mama and Daddy , even in their later yrs.would also try to pitch-in whenever possible. She was the Only grandchild for them.
    My suggestion for single moms presently confronted with this dilemma is to be truthful with your child/children, don’t promise with certainty IF you are not certain!!! Allow the ATTEMPT to get necessary confirmation to be PRIORITY on your schedule, if 🚫 possible be honest with yourself and your child and depending on age appropriate explain.
    Another incident: because we were on a”hopeless budget 🤔” I’d often tell my daughter before exiting car as a reminder of what I’d said at home, for her to remember that we’re going to get this ,that, and 🚫
    else . Don’t have $$for ANYTHING
    else. Of course it almost never failed,she’d see something and ask
    regardless!! Infuriating me because I
    couldn’t really afford to buy, plus I didn’t have joy being in such a financial situation,Plus subject had been discussed!!!! One payday I cashed out in sm.$denominations, even some coins. I then gave my daughter who is very smart,in the
    Gifted and Talented classes at school, eager to learn and be challenged- my check, my bills,
    and instructed her to “pay the bills for us” to put $on bill. She was ecstatic! (I was also secretly) After a
    while she exclaimed that I don’t have enough money! Told her to check herself.I continued to get dinner to the table. Again she told me she was correct initially -“it’s not enough $” to which I said leave the bills and money on the carpet, let’s eat. While eating I assured her that she was correct -there wasn’t enough $ and that was why mama would tell her not to ask me for anything in the store…we didn’t have enough money! Of course often times I’d succumb and purchase her desired item .(some times we’d look and find something she hadn’t seen before!) God is Aweeeesomme! Often 2nd request was less expensive.
    Young moms do your best for the child and let God do the rest!!!
    Thanks for allowing me to reflect 😏
    Be blessed!!!!!!🙏🙏

  6. Thank you for this reminder for young mothers, I remember so well the anxiety of working and trying to be the best mother. It is overwhelming… 25 years ago no one cared about our MH and I’m so glad it’s in the forefront now.
    Use those days for you and your time with your kids, you look up and their grown and there are no more trips to chaperone.

  7. What an inspiring story! No doubt it will serve as a reminder to many young single moms today to enjoy their little ones to the fullest for their young innocence is only yours for such a short time. Working to provide a wholesome life filled with material necessities is important but only filled with temporary satisfaction. It’s days like the one described in this charming story are the ones that will fill your heart with everlasting happiness . I loved this story!

  8. Kudos to you, Cheriyan!
    As a former single parent, I appreciate your sentiments on spending quality time with our children. I also think, whether single or married, this is priceless. As time moves so fast, LORD knows they grow too fast!
    On the carousel of life, spending time with your son must have felt like grabbing the brass ring. Glad to hear you enjoyed the ride!🌹

  9. I agree 100%. When i had my first daughter i was 17. I didn’t have a full time job but i was in high school. I always told myself that since i cannot show up financially in the way i wanted , i will always show up physically. I went on almost every trip and always volunteered in her daycare and elementary school. Middle school i had to work full time since i had my own place by then and bills needed to be paid. Now that she’s in HS and i work from home now , i have been taking more days off and decided to join the pta . It’s so exciting no matter how old your child is and my daughters loves that i’m involved again. Now I have a 2 year old and an husband who helps with all the bills and rent so i’m promising myself to show up for her the same exact way no matter how many days i need to take off. Memories are priceless and i want to have millions of them when i’m old.

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