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Ursula James is a multimedia journalist and communications strategist where she has worked with sports teams, public figures, universities, and non-profits, to name a few. She attended Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations and is currently pursuing her Executive MBA at...

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  1. I believe I am capable of doing the impossible. I have been told since birth I would not be able to do many things yet through Jesus Christ grace and mercy prayer changes.

  2. What an awesome message! Can’t thank you enough for sharing….just what I needed to read to uplift my day. Thank you 😊 💓

  3. The biggest fear I have is creepy crawlers…. I do love the arts as well. Basically if having a heart can take us places we have never explored lead make a path. Thanks for inspiration we all need it.!

  4. I believe that no one can do it all that God gave to us the abilities,talents, dreams, knowledge and aspiration that he instilled in us when we were created. His part was done it was now our time even as small children to learn to trust in him and ourselves. To use what he had given to us to reach whatever destiny we set forth for ourselves and to do so to the best of our abilities. If by chance we get throw off course as life has a way of doing or should we stubble and fall pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and try again. But never forgetting that we can always trust in him for guidance and believing no matter what that he will always come through on time.

  5. I love this story! I know the author and everything she wrote is true! I know your mother and father are beaming! Just keep becoming!

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