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Mercedes Lucero is a Senior Writer at Hallmark Cards where they use creative writing to craft everything from greeting cards to social media posts. As a collaborative liaison between the Writing Studio and Global Trends and Innovation Group, they use consumer insights and research to help bring new products and...

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  1. Amen ‼️Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. I feel the same in many ways . Church for me is becoming one with God in fellowship. Having the Holy Spirit with me everywhere I go makes me feel I’m in church everywhere I go. My cup runs over in the presence of my enemies. Having Church of God who is in Christ in me makes It a Strong Tower and a place of refuge.

    • Absolutely. And there’s something so uplifting about knowing we carry our church with us. 100%

  2. This was deep and spiritually felt… Thank you for sharing. I appreciate those who are not just stuck in one’s religion and doctrine (which is all interpretation) but understanding that the higher power of whatever they believe in…..is and anyone without the 4 walls can learn and participate. Thank you

    • I’m so glad to know it resonated. ❤️️ Thank you for reading! It’s enlightening to share the ways we experience our spiritual journeys.

  3. This is beautiful, Mercedes! I’m always so interested in the ways that newer generations are re-imagining church, spirituality, and communion. At the heart of it all is rituals that mean something and connect us to others and ourselves. Thank you for your vulnerability.

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