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Danielle Nottingham has traveled the globe covering pivotal stories of our time as a CBS correspondent. From the death of Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama's run for President, debates, primaries, NFL coverage, red carpets, and hosting entertainment news and lifestyle on NBC--she's done it all.

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  1. Wonderful article! Never really thought about this until after reading your piece. I Will absolutely begin to think about how I will “brace” myself. Thanks for the valuable insight! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  2. My brace for the holidays are plenty of quiet time, reflecting on life and what I want to accomplish, im alone now no kids,parents or relatives or stress of what to buy or spend, so the holidays will be quite reflecting for me and wine definitely.

  3. I hate holiday season it’s too commercialized now. You can’t even get to enjoy the end of summer before you are forced to be ushered into Christmas. Now since most of my family is deceased, holidays aren’t the same and I unwillingly start new traditions for the sake of the living. This year though I’m still grieving, I will make the best of things, stay present and find the joy.

  4. I always embrace the holidays with prayer and contemplation. Our holidays are different since moving from Illinois to California to Minnesota, and it’s less stressful for only two people, my son and I. I would like to travel and be around family more, but due to certain health issues (cancer related and financial woes), we can’t travel like we want to. So, we make specialty meals and desserts for ourselves, chill, and be grateful for our lives, knowing it will get better in God’s perfect timing. Happy holidays to you!!

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