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  1. She has an amazing voice. Just brought her cd. She is a cross between Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughan and Nina Simone.

  2. I’m going to approach this from a very personal perspective. My 16 year old daughter is a sax player. Her love and excitement for music and jazz to be specific is inspiring. Her ambition to have a career in music and the way she focuses on the sound shows a great appreciation for the genre. So she’s my pick because I can’t wait to see her reach her musical goals.

    • I love that you answered this from a personal perspective. You know, I often think my love for song came from my grandmother who would always be singing during long car rides. Now, I sing all the time, esp. at home! I’m so happy you’re daughter found such a passion for jazz! I can’t wait to see how new generations infuse the genre with their own magic!

  3. “ A woman’s place is in the groove”
    love it! My favorite jazz singer is Sarah Vaughan. Her voice is so rich and buttery. I’m sad I’ve never heard of most of these ladies, but Im excited to listen to their work!

    • I need this framed!!!! I need to check Sarah Vaughan out more, esp. since I’m just now learning she influenced some of my later faves like Sade? Excited for you to dive in!

  4. I have loved jazz since in my mom’s belly. I know she wanted to be a singer of jazz and she loved Billie Holiday and Ella. Today those two are my go to when I need soul food for the spirit. Then I move to Nina for strength, Nancy for tenderness, and Sarah for great chills up my spine because her voice is most devine!! The new jazz ladies are awesome in their own way:
    Cecile, Jazzmia,and Samara. I love them all! But Billie and Ella, Nancy, Nina,and Sarah still rock my world.

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