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Angel D. Washington is the mother of three wonderful sons and the author of the Always Remember You are Loved book series, which addresses the social and emotional lives of young people. Her goal is to reassure youth that they are loved and supported.

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    • You’re very welcome. I’m sharing because we deserve the absolute best and we must make sure that we receive it.

  1. I remember while delivering my second child I spoke up and had a nurse removed from my birth process. NOBODY knows your body better than you. So always speak up.

    • Exactly. Unfortunately, people want to tell us what we feel. They have no idea. I’m glad that you took control of your medical treatment and care.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! As a Black female obstetrician-gynecologist I see this dismissive treatment daily. It’s an uphill battle with my colleagues. I work with medical students and resident physicians. Our patient population is primarily women of color and recent immigrants. I’m fighting for our patients to be seen as human beings and receive compassionate care. Pray for me.

    • Thank you so much for your work and willingness to take on that battle from the front lines. You are so appreciated!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for being strong and thank God you gave birth to your sonshine safely. We need to continue to share our stories and advocate for ourselves and others.

    • Thank you so much. It is vital that we advocate for ourselves so that we will survive and so that our babies will, too.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story because for some reason as black women we are being ignored when it comes to our healthcare. Hopefully one day I can share my story with dealing with fibroids.

    • Thank you and you’re welcome. Please share your story, those that may have those very same health concerns will nears from your experience.

    • You’re welcome and thank you! Please share your story, those that may have those very same health concerns may learn from your experience.

  5. Angel thank you for sharing your story. I’m glad you had a safe delivery and we’re strong during this time. It’s important that we share these stories because you never know who it will help.

    • Thank you so much. I think it was fear that knocked the strength into me. Being disregarded was so hurtful. I had to do it for my baby. Thank you.

  6. So glad you got a 2nd opinion. 🙂 Would you believe over40 years ago when I was trying to get a job, the hiring company did a urinalysis test & told me I had an infection. Went to a Dr who was recommended and he claimed I had a tumor the size of a 3 mo old fetus in my uterus! I was shocked bc I had NO symptoms. Thank God I got a 2nd opinion from a well respected Black Dr in another state. I was in his office when he called & told the 1st Dr that he DID NOT find that I had a tumor at all! I called the 1st Dr a few days later & he told me that the 2nd Dr agreed w/him & had the same opinion he had abt surgery. I remained calm & told him I would NOT be having a hysterectomy. He claimed that if I was his relative that he would want them to hv this surgery. I told him “We’re not related and I’m NOT having this surgery.” Guess what? 7 yrs later I had 1 more child. 🙂 1. That company I was trying to get hired at lied in order to create “a reason” not to hire me & I was NOT do doing any drugs . 2. And even if they hadn’t lied, what does having a bladder infection have to do with my ability to work?! 3. The 1st Dr thought he was going to get a kick back from one of his friends if I’d agreed to hv a hysterectomy. Ultimately, was it his goal to stop me from hvng any more Black babies, to add to his bank account or both? Either way, he & his surgeon buddy were willing to disregard the oath they took to “Do no harm.” I never complained to the medical board or anyone bc I lived in Delaware, the same small state that President Biden is from, and I feared retribution. I can only imagine how many women this Dr lied to so that he could make more money to pay for his new Benz, house or private school for his kids. May God hv mercy on his soul.

    • How awful! It’s really disheartening to hear such stories of hate and cruelty. I am so glad that you followed your intuition. Thank God.

  7. Awesome journey. I’m so glad you shared your experience. I experienced awful medical service
    when I learned I had breast cancer.
    Doctor and nurse talking about me to one another as if I wasn’t in the room.

    I spoke from across the room saying
    I’m here. The doctor acknowledged me, walk over to where I sitting on the exam table, proceeded to include me in the conversation. Yuck!

    • Some of these people are just awful and aren’t fit to be in the field of care. How awful. I’m so glad that you’re ok.

  8. Wow! This article really made me angry.
    For one, the doctors that “We” chose for our care are HIRED by us for our care and they can be fired. This needs to be world wise known. Always report their behaviors to the Insurance companies, hospital board and medical board. If it doesn’t feel right. It’s not right.
    Two- the power of the sword is in the writing. You have that power. Keep writing about this to spread the word.

    • Thank you. She certainly left me with a memory that I will never forget. We have to advocate for ourselves. I agree, their behaviors and mistreatment must be reported. Back then, I didn’t think to report her. Wish I had.

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