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Shynieka is a TV Personality Host seen on E!, TMZ, and Revolt and is a force to be reckoned with. Shynieka currently resides in LA and inspires everyone to unlock their fullest potential.

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  1. Great article. We can look pretty on the outside but hurting on the inside. We tend to ignore our mental health and think it will take care of itself, it wont. Stop ignoring issues, acknowledge them and get some help. Note: Your family and friends aren’t always the help you need. Seek professionals.

  2. The self-care routine that I have adopted is working out so I can remain healthy. For a while, exercise was lower on my priority list, but I know that when I’m moving my body, my stress level is under control and I sleep better.

    Enjoyed your article, thank you!

  3. This was a phenomenal & very vulnerable read. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. While living in LA one self care activity I adopted was hiking. Connecting with the earth allowed me the time to connect with myself. I completely agree that when you feel good on the inside you shine bright on the outside.

  4. I am currently away at a women’s self care retreat. Today, I started my healing process by sharing my ‘root’ of my pain. Out of nowhere, I felt compelled to share my story with one of my roommates. It felt so good and then I went to my room and started writing in my journal. I took the first step to my healing, today.

  5. This is such a awesome story, what you’re doing is showing people when you fall you can get back up like you never fell you overcame every single obstacle that came your way…. And I agree the better you feel the better you look cause I’ve been through it myself 💯 you are such a powerful young black woman and don’t stop til the casket drop 💯💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🖤

  6. Wow this was a great article to read. I love how personable you were. It made it very relatable as we all have had moments where we felt undefeated.
    Being a mother I am hands on with my family and by the end of the day I’m burned out and have nothing left for myself. I often feel convicted when I do something for just me..
    By reading this I am reminded that self care routines are essential and I really need to find time to take care of myself especially when I have a family who depends on me.I am going to find some time this week to incorporate self care routines for myself because like you said “ When you feel good you look good” and I do like to look good!
    Thank you for this!

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