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Jeanine DeHoney’s work can be found online, in Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Colorism Healing Contest Anthology, and anthologies by Black Lawrence Press and Black Freighter Press. She was named an Honor Award winner for Sleeping Bear Press’ Own Voices Own Stories 2022 award.

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  1. Absolutely love this. Can’t afford at the moment but I will definitely be getting one soon. This lifted my mood! Thanks again for your encouragement.

  2. This is a very thought provoking story and made me think twice about how I pray. Yes, I do have much to be thankful for. There are many challenges and stressful situations in my life, but I am grateful for my faith and knowing that prayer gives me strength to face each one without giving up.

  3. The writers portrait of her grandmother mimics mine. A drew wisdom for who I am now from her. She embarrassed her Faith in away that still to this days brings me to tears. For that I Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! My prayer life makes me reflect on the day, no matter what someone said or did, In away that I present Praise for how he brought me through it. The strength and character of a person comes from Humility not being haughty or selfish. Just like my grandmother, being humble is BEAUTIFUL and I love the way he The Holy Spirit directs me in the TRUTH of the Word for my life when I am obedient.

  4. This is a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. It reminds me so much of my own life with my grandmother. I had an amazing mother who got her amazing ways from her mother. I, too, love journaling. Until more recently, I usually only wrote when I was sad. I’ve included more upbeat, joy filled additions lately. However, I do have a separate Gratitude Journal, which hasn’t had any entries in the past 2 years when my mother died. After reading this article, I will include ALL my emotions in one journal. Until now, I’ve had a separate Gratitude Journal which hasn’t had any entries in the past month. It’s time. Thank you for sharing your story. You lit a fire in me that had been dimmed. It’s been a goal of mine to have my next book be one about living with and caring for an beautiful, amazing mother who just happened to have dementia. Thank you, again.

  5. Beautifully written!! The visuals of how you described your grandmother is so pure. Even if someone didn’t have the same experience, the sentiment was felt. Thank you for the encouragement & reminder to be grateful because we could always have it worse. 💛

  6. This has changed my prayer life. I thought I was grateful, but I realize I rarely say what I am grateful for. Thank you, Lord. I am grateful for this “awakening”.

  7. Beautiful story
    There is always something to be grateful for. I’m grateful that my mom is able to see 93 yrs young in November. Grateful she does not use a walker or cane.

  8. I truly can relate. My grandmother raise me and it was not easy. But every night so was on her knees. When she awake on the morning.

  9. Thank you beautiful ones for your comments. I’m so glad my story resonated with you and I pray you continue to embrace gratitude everyday, even for the tiniest blessings.

  10. This piece reminded me of my experiences with my maternal grandmother. She had a strong faith in God. I remember watching her spend hours reading her Bible and she constantly sang sweet melodies. I cherish those memories of her.

  11. I take an online Meditation and Mindfulness, and some of the classes end with a gratitude saying: “May you be happy and safe. May you be healthy in body and mind. May you always have enough. May your heart know peace.” (Author unknown} Gratitude is so important, because it keeps you grounded and humble, regardless of your circumstances. Journaling about gratitude is great, because you always have an ongoing reminder about your gratitude, past and present.

  12. Thank you your article brought memories of my grandmother and her prayers. I remember the songs and the wonderful food.

  13. Beautifully written. Thank you Mom for all the blessings you’ve spoken into me till this very fay. I love you

  14. Several months ago, I started each day writing down at least three things I’m grateful for. At some point I will go back and look at them. Each page is dated so I can look back six months or a year from now to see what I was grateful for. It’s very therapeutic and helps to put things into perspective when you feel the weight of the world in your shoulders.

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