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Faitth Brooks is a social worker, speaker, writer, and podcaster. Formed in the Christian tradition and Black liberation theology, Faitth uses her platform to enliven her following for collective liberation centering on the sisterhood of black women. Faitth is crafting communal space where rest, tenderness, and softness are commonplace for...

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  1. I love the way you wrote this passage it speaks to all of our souls, we have and always will be in a fight for our freedom, in this new age and time you would think that would be no more but here we are going through the same things as our ancestors and so much more but God say not so we are his children and he see us and all the wrongs and injustices that we have endured

    • Thank you so much, Natalie. I know so many of us are experiencing a lot of stress and overwhelm during this time. I am grateful for God and the power of community to get us through it.

  2. Beautiful, inspirational and so encouraging. So true how our ancestors went through so much more. Although the struggle is real we have no choice but to keep the faith! If our ancestors made it, we can make it too! It’s the beautiful stories like this that help uplift our souls and encourage us that we will make it❤️

  3. Sometimes I sit in a quiet place and pray and ask God to give me strength for whatever comes my way.
    Reading morning and evening scripture also helps.

  4. My anxiety is overcome by heading to the gym. Hearing a Zumba beat lifts my spirit and moving to the rhythm lifts my soul. Our bodies are meant to move. Lifting light weights and Pilates ( lifting my own weight) lightens my anxiety and reminds me that life is good. Derp breathing reminds me that it’s great to be alive.

    • I am learning more and more how important it is to be in sync with your body. I love the ways you connect with your body to relieve stress. I hope to do more of the same.

  5. I’ve felt anxiousness for quite some time now because I don’t have a support system around me. This happened when I made the decision to move to another state.

  6. Thank you for this uplifting and relevant message. I listen to my favorite playlists with my ear buds while I ponder and pray for better days and contentment in the state I am in. I also enjoy walking, sleeping, being around my amazing husband, children, grandchildren, family, and dear friends!

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