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Kennesha Buycks is the creator of Restoration House, a home and lifestyle brand focusing on creating soulful spaces that speak to the restorative aspects of home. A Southern transplant to the PNW, she is passionate about connection and encouraging others to live life with unique passion and purpose.

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  1. This was right on time. I have written my first book as God has instructed me to do. I sent to publishers that l know personally because l believe that who God has guided me to. I haven’t heard anything yet but remain positive.
    Even though some might give a negative perspective of what l have written the one thing that doesn’t change is that GOD told me to write it and that is where l find PEACE.

  2. I enjoyed reading this article, however, also didn’t. But the words caught my attention.
    I’m so glad. I Thoroughly enjoyed this article thank you. Powerful, Spiritual and educational…

  3. Beautifully said these words resonated with me as well. I enjoyed the read greatly. And as I face my own fears, it will help me to remember
    “I’am not for everyone “
    Thanks for sharing your story

  4. I keep a record of my small accomplishments and shoutouts. I reflect on them. I curate them. I focus on my mission and motivation. That’s why I’m building chea seed. We want to build people up. I love this board. It’s inspirational. Thank you.

  5. This is the truth even at 71 Silver Fox years, I ain’t everybody’s cup of tea, and the is alright with. me. Cause I’m my own cup of tea

  6. Three children who are the jewels in my crown. The eldest is my heart, I had her when I fell in love and married. The middle child, the boy who wanted to know who was God?, is my soul. The last and youngest a woman who is my intellect who gives me the wise counsel when I am thinking of speaking from my heart alone or from the soul, the God in me, she reminds me to to speak from my head also. Her quote, ” You can’t make everyone happy at the same time.” and God knows I tried.

    Acceptance is the key. Accepting myself as I am and accepting others as they are and not how I would like them to be. It is not always, I would do it like this or that, or if it were me.

    I am over 28 if you get my drift. However when I was in my twenties, I knew everything. No I was never going to change my opinionated self; self righteous, judgmental, and know it all attitude. After decades of hearing, just listen, just listen. I am here to say I have learned a thing or two. Many have contributed to those messages of faith, hope and charity along with never ending love and prayers. I thank them all and pray I continue to grow humble and learn to serve more than I receive.

  7. Well said.

    We are not for everyone and everyone is not for us is so so true.

    However, I always remind myself that “I Am Enough” that’s my reality check
    whenever I let doubt creep in. This is my Motto “I Am Enough” in order to
    reclaim my Power.

  8. That is so beautifully written…and so true. What’s for you will be for you, even if it isn’t for everyone else. Keep writing.

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