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  1. I like make up . It helps cover flaws. We were told growing up blacks didn’t need it and in my small town with ever few of us it was hard to find in the right color. I remember driving nearly two hours to Columbus Ohio to get the right shade. Now at 65 I rarely go out with out it. I have peace with what I deem as natural.

  2. In my working days, it was six days out of seven. Since retirement it’s only Sunday’s and any rare “special” days.

  3. Amazing story. And just like yourself, I don’t wear any kind of makeup either. I thank the Lord just the way he made me. Because at the end of the day, after washing it all away, you are still you. Beauty comes from within, and shines in the outside. We are all blessed and wonderfully made by God’s own hands.

  4. Acne and eczema have been with me all my life it seems: so I got into the habit of wearing makeup everyday when I a young adult. Would never go out of the house without it because I was so self-conscious about the spots that acne leaves, and my almost invisible thin eyelashes. And then came COVID! Haven’t had make-up on since. Mascara on my thin eyelashes and my greying eyebrows is about it. Finally free at age 68!

  5. Makeup is just a fun thing to do…that’s all. I do not wear it everyday. For me, it is the same as when I want a little purple, fuschia, cherry, or lime green in my hair. Break away from the same old…same old. Have a little fun.

  6. I enjoyed reading your piece, Mahogany!
    It further encouraged me to love the skin I’m in.

    Whether my skin glows while made up in Mac makeup or looking nice au natural, I will love me for me.

    May my inner beauty be reflected outwardly and make the statement to me and to the world “I look good and I feel good!”😉

    Thank you for the inspiration. 🌹

  7. I wear it very seldom. My skin is in great condition, my natural eyebrows need almost no shaping, and my lashes are long and thick. Now that some gray hairs are trying to peek out, I use the tip of a mascara want to cover them.

  8. I finally stopped wearing makeup in my 40s. After anticipating that my occasional breakouts would go away as I matured, I was disappointed that they continued into my middle years. While my pimples healed quickly, each one left behind a dark scar.

    Eventually, I explained my situation to a dermatologist. I told him how, at my age, I was still breaking out and I had to wear makeup to cover the scars. His answer was simple. “Have you ever considered that makeup might be the problem?” He suggested that I stop wearing foundation and powder.

    I loved the way makeup enhanced my face, but I was tired of the scars. I followed his instructions and it eventually eliminated my breakout problem.

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