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Kathryn H. Ross is the author of memoir Black Was Not A Label (2019, Pronto) and poetry chapbook Count It All Loss (2021, GoldScriptCo). She writes and edits in Southern California and loves cats and naps. Read her prose, essays, and poetry at speakthewritelanguage.com.

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  1. I love this so much because I can relate. For years I live in anxiety until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I sought the Lord. To be free of not having to be in control is awesome.m because God is. Understanding we can onlu control ourselves that is breaking the chains of bondage beacuse I am only accountable for myself. Yes I did a vison board. I loved it. I look at mine daily beacuse I needed do shake things up in my life and no longer exist but thrive.

  2. I thought this was beautiful. Never thought to do this before but I will try this out and ask my Heavenly Father for a word.

  3. Love your story. I usually seek God for direction, for my upcoming year.
    This year I have a carry-over from last year which was “Celebrate”, I believe this will be my latter season. but for 2024 it is ” Gather The Fragments” that nothing will be lost. Excited about my growth and acceptance of myself. Have an amazing year.

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