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Kathryn H. Ross is the author of memoir Black Was Not A Label (2019, Pronto) and poetry chapbook Count It All Loss (2021, GoldScriptCo). She writes and edits in Southern California and loves cats and naps. Read her prose, essays, and poetry at speakthewritelanguage.com.

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  1. I absolutely receive this message and I love it! Perhaps this is my notice to get ready for the blessing(s) coming my way! Thank you

  2. Wow! This was excellent. Certainly something to not just reflect on, but this needs some meditation. This has got to be the best one yet.

  3. Such a beautiful passage you’ve written. It was just earlier today, I realized I’m not ready for a prayer I’ve been going so hard about. I’ve been gripping desperately to make it work but it’s not time. I finally released it and now my prayer is to align with God and make me ready for whatever blessing He has for me. THEN I SEE THIS! Nothing is a coincidence.

  4. I love the story, the message, and tone of the writer. Thank you for a great message. I will read more of your prose and poetry!

  5. This is a beautiful story I read it and then it reminded me of the 🍒 Cherry tree I grew up with in my backyard …then one day as you wrote the branch was down and there was a gap in the area of the sky and I saw the Cherry 🍒 tree branch down lying underneath the Cherry tree trunk… ither the neighborhood kids broke it or possibly the wind broke the branch but there was a large branch lying down for some reason
    … amazingly blessings are in disguise… I thank you for writing this and I appreciated reading it

  6. Kathryn, as a woman-in-waiting, I so appreciated your “peaches that preaches.” Your words encouraged me and reminded me of the importance of waiting upon the LORD.
    His timing is perfect.
    I’m not.
    May I practice patience as I bend, but not break, beneath the “wait” of His goodness, because His goodness is on the way!
    Thanks, Sis, I needed this.🌹

  7. Beautiful story and homage to our tree and acknowledgment of a line from one of my favorite songs: “people’s get ready..there’s a train a comin’…don’t need no ticket…you just get on board”….we need to be ready to “get on board” when the “train”, our “blessing” pulls into the station. The good lord gave us a tree, peaches, and a wonderful metaphor of a holy lesson to remember as we live our lives.
    Love you…daddy.

  8. This is a beautiful description of God’s blessings and if we are truly prepared for the blessings. I am often frustrated because I feel that others do not appreciate or even see the blessings. I realize it is not my journey, it’s theirs. Thanks for the peaches. They looked delicious.

  9. Thank you for this beautiful story. As it turned out I had not opened my Mahogany posts in a month. That speaks to your timely comment. Be well.

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