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Patricia King is a travel writer and blogger based in Atlanta, Georgia. She's also a member of the Black Travel Alliance board of directors.

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  1. Beautiful story, the young girl the felt the desire touch the unknown, she found something sweet, she found a friend. We need to touch life’s to exchange smiles, candy 🍬, to exchange our sour.

  2. What a beautiful and powerful story. So many lessons to be gleaned. Thank you for publishing this thoughtful piece. I look forward to reading similar pieces in the future.

  3. Friend, this was a wonderful prospective of another culture and race of people that probably know little of us, but they see on the tube. Lol

  4. What a great story! It reminded me of first trip to Japan. In a train I heard someone say, “Dozo” I turn around and this elderly lady was offering me a piece of candy.

  5. Two things I must say:

    1: Pat has been my good friend for a long time.

    2: I’m not sure if this is exactly why she loves to travel but I do know this is why she is Patricia and she does love to travel.

    Chuck Fredrickson

  6. Travel is an opportunity to share and learn from others. I always look at travel as a learning experience an an opportunity to explore others’ perspectives.

  7. That is a wonderful,heartfelt story. A great reminder of what is taught. I wonder how that will impact her life going forward.

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