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Dierdra (Dee) Zollar is the Studio Editorial Director for the Hallmark Mother’s Day, Tree of Life, and Mahogany cards lines. Dee has over 20 years’ experience in the greeting card industry, with specialized expertise in and deep knowledge of the Mahogany Brand.

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  1. I take time for myself on a cruise. I make sure I get a balcony, my favorite cup of tea, my favorite music and myself. I give all my problems to the waves and take God’s answers. I do this every morning on my cruise.

  2. I absolutely agree with what you said, I have often been told this same exact thing, that I need to find time for myself, to take a weekend for just for me to have some me time, relax and get to know who I am.

  3. I am so struggling with this very thing. A wife, mom of 5 kids ( 2 are grown, but still at home), homeschooling, managing my own p/t career interests and a Dir of Children’s ministry. I am trying to be intentional about carving out that time for me, it’s challenging. I feel guilty about getting away, as my hubby thinks I am making the great escape from him.
    I NEED to do better for myself. This is a confirmation that it’s time.

    Thank you.

    • To everyone, and especially you, Keisha, I hope you will be vigilant in taking time to practice self-care without guilt or apology. It’s so essential and I always come back a much better, healthier of myself. Praying that you will be able to do this on a regular.

  4. Thank you for sharing. Several years ago, my church taught on rest. God ordained rest. After reading understanding what that meant, it got in my spirit. I never stepped back.to see that anything I good because I was always on to the next thing. Since that I time I honor my sabbath. I take the entire day on Saturday to disconnect and disengage from my thought life. I don’t check my phone, computer, or anything. I am glad that I spend this time with me.

  5. Hi queens I am Mary from the UK 🇬🇧. This so resonates with me. Just recently, like about 4 weeks ago, I decided Monday is my day off. I lie in bed most of the day, and reflect on last week, extend my morning routine, sleep, talk to the Lord, cry if I need to, and most importantly, just be still. I practice listening to brain waves meditation, and the Lord speaks to me in this space. I am overwhelmed with the revelation of greatness and love, I am learning to receive. I am loving this new space I have carved out, just for me! 💗

  6. Self love and finding time for yourself is a lifetime journey. We spend so much time investing in our children and family members, that we forget how to just relax and dream. Excellent article.

  7. Well this 50th year of my life I have been intentional about pursuing 50 experiences for myself in areas such as self care or self love, self discovery, etc. the bigger lesson is that I can be intentional at any time in my life and not wait until I’m 50 so glad to see this article is speaking to prioritizing self unapologetically!

  8. This was comforting. In February, I felt totally exhausted with everyday life and felt a compelling need to refocus and re-center on who I am. I went to the mountains for 6 days and spent time exploring waterfalls and gorges. For the first time in years, I felt relaxed and in tune with myself. I feel this is a “Must” for every woman out there to take time to give themselves some self care.

  9. Thank you my Dear Sister. Oh if I had the words of wisdom 48 years ago. Your piece was so well written and needed.

  10. Thank you for sharing well needed information. As previously stated, self care and love is a must for our well being.

  11. Thank you sis. ❤️. I take a yearly weekend spa retreat in January. I also periodically take time within the year to receive spa treatments. This is important to take care of oneself so one can do all that needs to be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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