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Bree is a poet, writer, educator, advocate, and creative visionary. She believes words have power and the ability to uplift humanity. She’s passionate about cultivating spaces that inspire connection, reflection, and growth. Bree also finds joy and liberation through dance.

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  1. I am currently at my pit stop. Heavy healing going on and it hurts because my body has kept score since childhood. This is necessary but whew!!! Thank you for your piece. I feel seen.

  2. I have never really paused intentionally. I know that now. I am planning a “pit stop” so that I can focus on my creative writing. Thank you for sharing in such a poetic and inspirational way. I needed this.

  3. Beautiful. This is so on time I feel like it was written for me. While I have taken time or made pit stops throughout life intentionally, it wasn’t ever easy to do so. I’d even say I was reluctant most times. Recently though it is something I have all but forgotten about, and this wonderful reminder is just what I needed. Thank you!

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