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Faitth Brooks is a social worker, speaker, writer, and podcaster. Formed in the Christian tradition and Black liberation theology, Faitth uses her platform to enliven her following for collective liberation centering on the sisterhood of black women. Faitth is crafting communal space where rest, tenderness, and softness are commonplace for...

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  1. I’ve done it all! I’ve leaned in, I’ve cried, I’ve pouted, cried out to GOD, but I always make it back to His promise for my life. I lean on family, friends, and scriptures that pour into me and ensure me that He will complete the work the good work He’s started in me. That ALL things are working out for my good. Once I’m reminded, I instantly assume my rightful position of knowing a delay is not a NO!

  2. Hello sisters. Well this story really hit close to me today as I’m struggling with loneliness and desiring to be blessed to meet my right soul mate also. I think my journey began long time ago but during pandemic I think it became more clear and painful of just how lonely you can be even with family or people around. It’s very challenging and hard as I wait. Reading your story today let me see I’m not alone so I just wanted to thank you for your story as I try to navigate through my loneliness waiting for my companion. Even though it’s not easy I know it’s my faith in God and reading positive stories like your that offer encouragement to me and so many other women during challenging times as we wait. Thank you

  3. I enjoyed the story and thanks for sharing. I plan to share my story one day soon and please don’t settle because you are lonely; it didn’t work for me.

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