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Dr. Alisha Reed is a licensed pharmacist and a widow mom who believes that self-care is non-negotiable. She is the creator of the lifestyle brand FLY with Alisha Reed, moderates a widow support group, and hosts The Fly Widow Podcast.

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  1. Such a thoughtful and well written article. I have been married for 19 years. I too married later in life, I was 43, single parent of 16 year.old daughter. My husband had been previously married and had 3 Adult sons. Marriage for us has been a journey of love, sacrifice and commitment. We have found that honest communication is paramount to success in marriage. Having the difficult, uncomfortable conversation’s will ultimately lead to a greater understanding of your partner.

  2. Marriage taught me to be selective in my choices. I was married for 12 years before becoming divorced. We have 1 son who’s now grown. By selective I mean date and decide what you want. Love is not enough. Be true to yourself and what you’re willing to deal with.

  3. Marriage is definitely hard as hell. I regret it a lot anlong with battling my opinions and emotions after having my daughter who’s now 1 and a half. Communication is KEY . Without that your marriage will struggle…….and mine is struggling smh.

  4. Marriage has taught me that we both must be crystal clear on our expectations and commitments for ourselves and for our partner. Hoping things will change won’t change a thing. You have to be willing to talk about what bothers you in a way that doesn’t tear each other down, but as an eye opener for the other to not only hear you…but are willing to listen.

  5. Marriage has taught me that my happiness is not his responsibility and it’s not only unfair to blame him, it’s immature.

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