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Lydia Elle is a truth-seeker and honest speaker, sharing the lessons of her journey to help others. She shares her experiences on womanhood, motherhood, wholeness, and the business in between.

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  1. This speaks to me on a whole different level. Lydia thank you for putting my thoughts into words!!

  2. This is so on point for me right now. There is much judgement, claiming of other ideas, a willingness to not acknowledge my accomplishments and devalue my worth at work yet here I stand. I am planning to stay a little while longer to complete my personal goals but I will no longer remain committed to them and seek other avenues to succeed in my goals outside of the organization.

    • Work life has so many things we much navigate, for sure. I let my products speak (at my job cause that’s what they pay me for) and feel blessed to be in more spaces that celebrate me instead of just tolerate me. Having a great & supportive professional network has been rich too!

  3. Such amazing insight!!! In functioning and existing in the “juggle space” for so long, sometimes we can’t even recognize it! Sis, Thank you for the challenge and charge to reflect and recognize the juggle today!

  4. Wew this was a great read and juggling life sometimes makes it feel like a roller coaster. I have found that patience and grace with myself has really helped. Also making room for imperfections has helped me manage.